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Derren Brown's new book offers advice on overcoming anxiety

Illusionist Derren Brown talks to Kay Burley about his new book ‘A Little Happier’ which offers advice on overcoming anxiety.

In these challenging times he says we need to learn about separating what we can control – our thoughts and actions – from all else beyond our control.

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  1. Avatar

    Worth a read

  2. Avatar

    he looks anxious

  3. Avatar

    Nice. I had anxiety few months ago..I had this strange pins and needles on my chest and face.

  4. Avatar

    "Terrible time"as in there have been more suicides than real covid deaths.

  5. Avatar

    No. 3: Get some physical exercise

  6. Avatar

    Overcome anxiety by ignoring forests on fire, economic collapse, government corruption and cronyism, widespread environmental collapse, nuclear pollution from accidents and bomb tests.

    Its the last days of Rome. Thats the shape of happy.

  7. Avatar

    The answer is hypnosis

  8. Avatar

    Overcome by drinking a 4 pack

  9. Avatar

    Did he read his own book on drugs and alcohol. This is just sky advertising a crap book that nobody needs

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  14. Avatar

    Kay burley the corpse

  15. Avatar

    Does he ask for consent before hypnotising someone?How many GP’s have gone to prison for inappropriate examinations that were not needed?Where is the scientist hiding?i don’t watch his television programmes.He’s no Paul Daniels.

  16. Avatar
    Prince Andrew IsAPedo

    Derren brown preaching that Jordan Peterson handbook

  17. Avatar

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  18. Avatar

    Looks like your local geezer

  19. Avatar

    His podcast with joe rogan was one of the best conversations iv ever listened to.

  20. Avatar

    This nation has been drowning itself in occultism since the 1800s and been heading towards nothing but mass depression.
    It's time we give the west the law of Muhammad just as King John asked for.

    Ta Ha 20:124

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    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  22. Avatar

    If only universities encouraged a stoic outlook on life, rather than encouraging students to fight for whatever causes are in vogue today.

  23. Avatar

    Derren Brown looks like Justin Timberlake

  24. Avatar

    What a lovely interview.

  25. Avatar

    Better off buying a bottle of single malt.

  26. Avatar

    I love Darren Brown. Best NLP and hypnosis artist imo

  27. Avatar

    Watching YouTube videos helps me

  28. Avatar

    Sartre wrote that anxiety is the dizziness of our freedom…nice, but anxiety is a survival technique used for millennia….the only way to rid yourself of anxiety is to die….spectrum—mild to extreme anxiety, we know ourselves when it becomes a problem in our functioning….we use our reasoning to sober ourselves….get a handle…survive!

  29. Avatar

    His own hair need his nlp hypnosis…..
    Can he grow his lost hair ?

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