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Dems focus on health care in Barrett hearing, families share opposing views on ACA

Democrats say Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would help strike down the Affordable Care Act. A dad with two diabetic kids and a mom of a prematurely born child say the law is helping.

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    I stopped watching at James

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    It's anything but Affordable…democrats are NUTZ

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    Prince Vegeta-son

    So now you want to report on the issues.. I want to hear Two days of how Trump's sister doesn't like him. Or, why haven't we heard about the vice presidential debates since they happen? probably cuz Kamala Harris lost.

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    Surprise surprise, CNN finally turns on the Democrats as they realized the ship is sinking and the treason charges are coming


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    Ms. Lindsey: “We don’t want it… We want something better” – yet South Carolina’s health insurance coverage more than doubled under ObamaCare

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    Barrett's empathy is so obvious as she tries hard to not make the Dems look stupid

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    Democrats and Republicans know ACB is more than qualified for this position and it's a fact. But yesterday, the Hawaii senator asked ACB if she committed sexual assault, any sexual acts for favors, or if she'd ever been in legal trouble for crimes related to that. Then Harris who's the most radical democrat gets destroyed for the second time in two weeks by someone far more intelligent than her. Everyone in the media ran with the narrative Mike Pence was "mansplaining" even though it was a debate and his job was to rip apart everything she said and counter it. But Harris talked for almost 27 minutes leaving ACB to speak for a grand total of almost 4. Oh, the last n certainly not least did Amy know what she was saying? I don't think so re-watch it because there was a lot of crap coming out and I don't even get it. Like she was angry yelling like she prob figured out that Trump's winning and her home state is going blue for the first time since the 70s…

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    @4:39 “I’m a practicing Catholic.” Plays the god card Religion smokescreens decisions; reality, really.

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    @5:04 U don’t like “mandating”. U’r mandated by law at the state level to pay vehicle insurance. See what happens if u don’t. Hypocrite.

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    https://youtu.be/rCybWf1g9K8 time for justice in this country

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    It does not matter what the democrats want, Amy Barrett will be confirmed….

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    Vote her out. 🧐

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    “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It’s realty an honor and pleasure…”

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    It's so funny to hear politican say "we" dont want obamacare when they have great health coverage through their good jobs like they're on the same level as the average joe just trying to survive. They don't even have a decent replacement plan in place. The ACA is not perfect but it has literally saved my life. My payments are expensive but the thought of not having healthcare is even worse. It's worth paying the price

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    Hugh VonNiederhausern

    The Affordable Care Act Tax,
    was added to the list of other
    Taxes used by the Federal government
    to for Taxpayers and Small Businesses
    to support the long list of
    Federal Social Welfare Agencies
    Some States collect different rates, and are given Access to different Agencies depending upon the State you live in,
    For Example
    Medicare is applied to all Americans nearly equally, except for the classifications, Medicare A, Medicare B, Medicare C, Medicare D. All Taxpayers pay into Medicare and most get back what they paid in.

    Medicaid while all Taxpayers pay into
    Medicaid, only residents of Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Michigan, California, Oregon, Hawaii,
    are the only residents given the
    Medicaid, in other words Tax Payers in
    Wyoming receive no benefit from the
    Medicaid Taxes they paid through the years.

    ACA is the Obamacare Tax, which forced
    Small Businesses and Struggling Families who were Working, to
    support the Pre-existing Conditions people in Connecticut,
    while receiving no benefit from the Tax,
    and possible imprisonments for refusing to pay money to an Obamacare System that they received no benefit from,
    this is what is called, robbing from the poor and giving to the rich Pharma Insurance Companies of California.

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    So what about the rest of America that its not helping?

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    Anything to not talk about how qualified she is 😂

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    Barrett doesn't know the five basic freedoms granted by our first Amendment. The more Barrett speaks the more un-American she sounds. Things we know since school and Barrett doesn't know or support.

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    Trump people lied just like him they have no moral for the poor people is a shame

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    Are you going to watch to see if George Stephanopoulos has the courage to ask Joe Biden about the emails showing he son arranged personal meeting with Burisma and a Chinese firm to get special political consideration? You know that Donald Trump is going to hammer it on his NBC News townhall at the same time!

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    Why would anyone deny fellow Americans healthcare? It's incomprehensible. People should be more compassionate and have empathy toward each other.

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    Is she a constitutional scholar ? How did she do in law school? Was she a judge and for how long? She believes in following the letter of the law, yet it is the job of lawyers to interpret the law. That's what they do. If she simply follow the law, we can use a robotic computer on the Supreme Court instead. Why don't we elect HAL (2001 Space Odyssey) for the supreme court ?

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