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Democrats slam 'Trump virus response' as president's surrogates defend him

Trump and Biden campaign surrogates traded blame over the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on Oct. 18. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    What the hell have any of you done?

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    Do not forget without Cuomo’s COVID-19 screw up the U.S. goes from 10th to 47th in death tolls and Whitmer gave orders almost identical to Cuomo’s.

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    On top of that no employees at any stores saying anything to people of color not wearing a mask not keeping social distancing. They're just too scared on top of that there is not just a couple family members shopping it's the whole family you're talking 6 eights 10 people shopping at the grocery store how many times has that been said on the news not to do that. I mean we all wanna get out of the house. But she got need to take your infant ,children your grandmothers grandfathers to the grocery store. 1 or 2 people in the household to do the grocery shopping should be the norm not the whole entire family and extended family

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    These ppl act like if the Dems were in the White House the virus would of never happened.

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    Why are comments being removed? You suk!

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    Trump Virus? I thought it was from China.

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    Like Poetry??? I feel "Inspired"!!!

    Roses Are Red
    And Violets Are Blue
    I See HEMP* in these Folks Future…
    And MANY Others Too!

    When the door opens…
    Away they will go.
    Down to the Devil….
    With George Soros too!

    * NOT the SMOKIN' kind of HEMP!

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    Gretchen Whitmer is both a governor and working in the Biden campaign. Get the f*** off my screen.

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    She has no idea what he's talking about

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    Bullshit trump didn't put so called positive elderly back in rest homes it was dem governors

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    Trump is the worst leader in the world numbers don't lie Trump lies all the time

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    Hussein Obama and Big Mike developed the virus (Pelosi was the messenger)! Satanic colt = Dummycrates

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    Biden" I take it crap every morning at 8 a.m." obama" that's good. So what's the problem? Biden" I wake up at 9 a.m."

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    Even WHO just came out and said it was a giant mistake to close down business. Yet the Democrats want people out of work, and on welfare. Proof is in the pudding.

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    Wow all these people in power blaming one man for humans not protecting themselves. Yet he's the only one who did anything. Everyone else played the it's Trump's fault game that did nothing to help. By Democrats logic they're responsible for all the deaths. Now hundreds of doctors have signed something saying masks don't work people use them even now and still catch it so how TF is one man responsible? These docs say their treating their covid pts with the Trump drug hydrochlor whatever and people don't need to be scared of it unless your elder with heath issues or have health issues. Also another group of docs came out against masks that are doing more damage and they don't prevent it.

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    I love the CNN interview. People are tired of this S…it

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    I love it when the guy denies knowing anything about China when speaking to Lara, it's true, he knows nothing!!! Lol

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    QAnon, Proud Boys, Free Michigan, Free Roger Stone, Bounties on our Troops, Cheat on the Taxes – Trumpism

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    The government told me to where a mask to be safe. Therefore I hate the government and will kidnap members of it.

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    Laura Trump’s a nut 😂

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    This is all BS! It’s freaking VIRUS , I remember what they told us during the early time , saying Wash your hand, Social Distancing , Wear a mask. And I remember people in China are dying despite the lockdown. While people here start to panic buying! So let’s say President Trump says it’s really serious and we all gonna die! Imagine what could have happened way back then, I can’t even find toilet paper anywhere! Lol

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    Little Orphan Annie

    Five points for the Michigan pro-lynching crowd:

    1/ Your “freedom” to spread contagion ends at my mouth and nose, just like your “freedom” ends where your fist meets my jaw (John Stuart Mill);

    2/ It’s odd that mask+gun is somehow “patriotic” but mask-gun is somehow “tyranny”;

    3/ Trump put a “travel ban” on China that STILL allowed thousands to exit China and enter the US. That death toll — 250,000 — is FAR greater than the death toll from folks who had nowhere to go but the nursing homes;

    4/ The strain of virus that hit the US so powerfully in the first days of the pandemic CAME FROM EUROPE, not China;

    —and most importantly for the comment section —

    5/ The FBI will be searching these comments with a fine-tooth comb. Please. Darwin yourselves out of existence. Shoot your mouths off and provide a whole lot of information that can be used at your prosecution. Please.

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    lol , Ha ha, ROFL Okay Pelosi how was getting your hair done without a mask? Hypocrite much?

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    Trump: "219000 Americans Dead, 8.1M Infected, It is what It is. Great Progress Made. Time to nuke the stimulus in exchange for votes, while underplaying the virus. I'm the Corona super spreader!!"

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    All dems say your a victim and I’m the one too take care of you. Those blue states are crap and have been for a long time.

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