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Democrats refuse to participate as Amy Coney Barrett nomination advanced

Amy Coney Barrett’s supreme court nomination was advanced by a unilateral Republican vote to the full Senate despite Democrats’ refusal to participate in the Senate judiciary committee hearing for what they called a naked ‘power grab’.
Democratic senators stood outside the Capital and said they ‘boycotted’ the vote to install Donald Trump’s third supreme court nominee less than two weeks before the election.
No supreme court nominee has ever been installed so close to a presidential election and, just four years ago, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and senator Lindsey Graham, who now chairs the judiciary committee, said that installing a nominee in an election year would be a shameful defiance of the will of voters
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Senate judiciary committee approves Amy Coney Barrett as Democrats boycott – live

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  1. Avatar

    They should definitely abort Amy Coney Barrett

  2. Avatar

    like sulking children omg grow up !!!

  3. Avatar

    Where’s your journalism on the Hunter laptop??

  4. Avatar

    Any update on the Hunter Biden story?????

  5. Avatar

    Us democracy is a sham

  6. Avatar

    Y'all need to learn to play together ❤

  7. Avatar

    It's REPUBLICANS that have already packed the courts, remember they didn't just block the supreme court pick they blocked hundreds of judges.

  8. Avatar

    Graham going back on his word….honourless prat; his state should kick him out.

  9. Avatar

    Finally.!!! A woman in power for my daughters to look up to.
    Congratulations Justice Amy Coney Barrett!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Some democrats must hate Schumer not adhering to the rule of law. 🙂 His name should be Chuck Schemer.

  11. Avatar

    The Democrats have asked every question they can think of to remove Amy Barrett but she is a Premier League top of the class candidate and thats that. Boycotting will only delay the inevitable. Supreme Justice A.C.B

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    Finally some spine on the Democrats. Well, barely.

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    This is a farce. They are doing this on the last day when it has no value to actually stopping the hearings. Chuck Schumer’s kabuki theatre designed to make the public think they care. They don’t care. If they cared they would have done this last week. We don’t live in a democracy we live in a plutocracy. Democracy is something we have to create not maintain

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    Then there is nothing left to do but bury the GOP elephant in the room.

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    "PM admits failings as England's Covid contact-tracing system hits new low" what's that to do with it?

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    the left are insane

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    Ah Democracy is alive and well in the US I see.

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    demonics always break the rules

  19. Avatar

    These are the same democrats that call Trump thin skinned. What a bunch of cry babies!

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    Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack

    How is it illegitimate? Basically because it's not the candidate YOU want you're all throwing a hissy fit. I'm sure the Democrats would be okay with it if it was 🙄

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    Yeah, how did that work, commies? Still losing? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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