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Democrats make their case before the Senate | Impeachment This Week

Over three days, the House impeachment managers laid out opening arguments in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    This camera guy looks like he has a hangover! Lol!

  2. Avatar

    What a sham. The only partisan impeachment in history. The Democrats are not doing anything for American citizens.

  3. Avatar

    Donald Trump is the real Emperor Palpatine and both don't give a damn about anyone else. The problem is clear and dumb motherfuckers who stay quiet such as my real dad. He rather stay quiet and that doesn't solve any issues with the people in office! We need to take and not be quite anymore! I'm equally upset and there is much that could be done!

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    中华人民共和国是一堆在阳光下晒干的牛。 不久它将用于起火。

    Zhōnghuá rénmín gònghéguó shì yī duī zài yángguāng xià shài gān de niú. Bùjiǔ tā jiāng yòng yú qǐhuǒ.

  5. Avatar

    The dem bastards are caught along with the fake news press…. TRUMP RULES!

  6. Avatar

    Is it over with yet so they can get no and maybe move on? It's not as if they didn't know they weren't going to get the votes before it even went to the house. I mean the house vote should of made it clear, it's like the democrats just don't comprehend basic things, like they lost in 2016 and they have done literally nothing to gain the support of a single person who voted against them in 2016, not one.

  7. Avatar

    If you were reporting this accurately, you would label it as the Birth of the Fourth Reich

  8. Avatar

    We're past them making their case. And they're done, finished, kaputz. And they were schooled today by the president's counsel.

  9. Avatar

    This trial is about evidence.
    Trump is not above the law.
    Trump should be held accountable as all americans are held accountable.

  10. Avatar

    The house's job is to Bring the Case…. the Senates job is too Judge it… surprise surprise its weak AF and they want more time for Discovery into there Bogus claims… The Ukrainian President Debunked everything the Dems said look up his interviews

  11. Avatar

    Call Hunter Biden if that's what it takes to get the relevant witnesses!
    Who gives 2 shits about wether Hunter Biden is questioned or not?
    If that's what it takes, do it!

  12. Avatar

    SNOOZER. Let's move on to letting the American people decide in November. Not the political corrupt elite.

  13. Avatar

    Putin's Lucifer Trump Antichrist krushner the mark of the beast the Republicans leaders crooks corruptions uptructions theses cronies organized criminals gangs mafia against the country…they are Armys for Satan's Trump CHILDREN Demons people who sported Trump are Cults thinking evils are good drinking same koolaid evils brainwashed by propergenta from Lucifer. The Evangelical leaders so called Christians are Pharisees preached prophesy from the bible prophesy Antichrist coming and when his here their helped Lucifer put him in the WH .this bazaars disfunctions toxins chaotic dramas craziness in the government won't over soon !!! The Earth drawing near end times. Remember the Lucifer Putin's want one world order…thinking about that …open up your eyes putting on the thinking cap …

  14. Avatar

    Wow I didnt know all of trumps puppets were here comenting, pretending everything is Legitimate, I hope your kids dont see your comments here because they will question your integrity and ask you why you decided to betray the united states the land of the free. The facts are clear as daylight and I am ashamed of the Republican party for being so scared of Tronald Dump

  15. Avatar

    Only problem is the Democrats don't have a case.

  16. Avatar

    3 years of whining culminates in the longest comedy feature in US history.

  17. Avatar

    This whole thing is such a sham, and sets such a dangerous precedent, for this country.
    Your side doesn't win the election? Just have partisan impeachment of a duly elected President, who has broken no laws. Shameful.

  18. Avatar

    No matter what it looks like now, there wont be a second term for Trump. He has violated the constitution, invited foreign powers for self interest, he has abused power ever he took office, he has never been FIT to hold this position to start with. He clearly has mental illness, is mentally and emotionally unstable and dangerous for the U.S. he must be removed. It remains shocking to see those who turn a blind eye to his crimes. And by the way how is it with his taxes? He lies so much, the world is done with him.

  19. Avatar

    Democrat did good job. Although they're gonna lose this vote.

  20. Avatar

    The media are such liars, for god sake if the Democrats are so good for America then why doesn't ANYBODY LIKE THEM???? Shouldn't they beat Trump easily? It's a rhetorical question I already know the answer..It sad that 90% of the media can't tell the truth. I've been watching the hearings, the Democrats are getting destroyed by facts.

  21. Avatar

    The President will be acquitted but not because he is innocent because he is not said Mr. shifty Schiff pencil ✏️ neck!!!
    Guilty of stopping the corruption of Democrats, Deep State, mafia gang or gangs!!!🥰😁😍
    That is the way I like it!!! 🎼🎺🎶🎷🎶🎻🎵

  22. Avatar

    People are starting to put timelines on what the democrats witnesses said. And it DOES NOT MATCH UP.. the articles appear to be totally fabricated
    Lets move on

  23. Avatar

    The cameraman realizes how stupid it is. ! How senseless! 1.2% have not been reached in parliament! 2, 3% must be like senseless and brain, the whole thing is amputated here. !?! Show only and embarrassing. !

  24. Avatar

    ' made their case ? ' we already know there's a dimwit claiming to be President.

  25. Avatar

    1, 2% have been reached and the cameraman is tired of watching this embarrassing show that needs 2, 3% of the weight. ! How embarassing ! these impostors can exempt themselves. !

  26. Avatar

    Let the trial go on. If in the end the president is acquitted and you disagree then come election times it is up to you to remove those who voted for acquittal. That means getting out and voting and not saying I don’t have to because everyone else is. Remember only some will run in this election and others at later dates. So don’t forget to vote at those times too.

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    I truly have to admit I can't stand trump! He totally embarrasses me. 🖕🤮

  28. Avatar

    It is incredible that the laws allow them to hide incriminating evidence like this

  29. Avatar

    70% of the people want witnesses.

  30. Avatar

    Adam Schiff a True American Patriot 🇺🇸

  31. Avatar


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    Who cares about his persona just care of all the positive things his doing for this country!! Don't follow the haters inform your self with the facts

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    lindo vídeo! cinematográfico. ótimo!

  34. Avatar

    People in comments are Russian Bots, trolls, or completely in denial.

  35. Avatar

    A vote for trump is a vote against the United States of America.

  36. Avatar

    Nadler was “admonished” but look at how the President has talked about women. Nobody admonished him.

  37. Avatar

    Interesting how comments are disabled for the coverage of when the president's counsel makes their case.

    But the comments for the democratic coverage are on.

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