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‘Demands not met’: Anti-government protests resume in Iraq

Protesters gathered in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Sunday to mark one year since their movement against a corrupt ruling class they say has failed to meet their demands.
It was the most significant turnout in months, after systemic violence, disillusionment and the coronavirus pandemic brought the demonstrations to a halt earlier this year.

Al Jazeera’s Simona Foltyn reports from Baghdad, Iraq.

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    I am indian, We are one nation


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    We want daish we want Islam we want sharia

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    Technology Galla2

    Spourt me

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    American live Iraq

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    Technology Galla2

    Amazing news

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    We need to know why it took you so long to upload this video 🇩🇪

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    Iraq was rich and stable during Saddam. It's a fact!

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    Rising France politics Anti – Muslim, Muslim people’s are not safe in France.
    Boycott France, and Boycott French president Macron.

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    antonius samuelson

    Why the iraqi government just spoke about police casualties. How about protesters? Why they don't make report casualties on protesters? The iraqi soldiers shooting and killing protesters by using hunting rifle and sniper rifle. That's violates human rights by corrupt government who has close relationship with iran. That's why the protesters burning iranian consulate. Iran steal their money by using corrupt leaders.

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    Stay united people of Islam. Have peace. Grow the country. InsyaAllah..

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    Iraqis are now awakened

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    Protests everywhere!

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    Keep peace Republic of Iraq🇮🇶
    Make political stability
    USA and Iran don't interfere in Iraq please

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    Everywhere iran has control people lose their jobs and are are starving.

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    Whats happening in this region 😔 and why???????🙄
    Who mobilized to people's??
    Why the government don't want to left his chair😔😔🤔🤔🤔🙄.

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    Don Paulino De La Paz

    Rise up my arab brothers Inshallah

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    Happy to see Iraq finally having 3rd world problems that will work it way out in the future, and not war.

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    this iraqi government they protesting against is an shadow government it actually dont exist money comes from the usa for iraq if you wanna win kick america out

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