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Demands for justice in death of Breonna Taylor | WNT

The FBI is investigating the death of a black woman, who would have turned 27 on June 5, at the hands of Louisville police in March.




#WorldNewsTonight #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter

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    Why aren't these bastards talking about the African American police officers who were killed last week in the line of duty???

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    Stop violence! Defund the police, national guard and military immediately!!!!

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    母亲他妈的 Delicious AF

    Pretty sure I said this before: Probably time to start working on my Mandarin

  4. Avatar

    Nice to see people actually doing their job

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    母亲他妈的 Delicious AF

    Let's see…


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    also what about justice for the boyfriend he is also a victim

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    America the land of wickedness at its finest.

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    In 2019 there were 9 unarmed black civilians killed by police. You are 4 times more likely to be attacked by a shark.

  9. Avatar

    If they could get the cops who murdered George Floyd, those three for Breonna's murder better watch out.

  10. Avatar

    ( The Most High ) (( GOD )) ✝️

    (( ❤️ 🌹 💙 ))

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    Carmen Santana

    THIS was murder

  12. Avatar

    Say her name !!!!

  13. Avatar

    No knock search warrant? Wtf?

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    Donald Trump supporters

    You sumbags riots Democrats and liberals are killing Black in the streets the MSM are not coving it so do it mean that most blacks lives matter

  15. Avatar

    ALL human in US would die while they are sleeping, awesome

  16. Avatar

    Soooooooo free speech isn't a thing. Got it

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    Samuel Halsband

    How are the cops literally not charged

  18. Avatar

    Why in the world would she let a known criminal stay, sleep and probably operate in and out her home?

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    And justice for David Dorn! Oh wait, he’s an officer, so he doesn’t count. (sarcasm)

  20. Avatar

    No knock warrant ? A No Knock Warrant ? That is Nazi behavior.

  21. Avatar

    Hey ABC, what about David Dorn? Does he not fit your profile for a black victim?

  22. Avatar
    Bitch of the Year


  23. Avatar

    literal drug dealer

  24. Avatar

    And Because of this they want to REMOVE the Police Force entirely?!

  25. Avatar

    How are these cops not locked up? Absolutely pathetic excuse for a justice system.

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    Justice for David Dorn ! Then let's talk statistics or are those racist too.

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    I would be grabbing something bigger than my pistol if a group of unknowns kick down my door and that's facts💯. RIP Brianna and where do I sign these cop clowns should be in jail.

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    Think of all the welfare babies she would have pumped out. Lol…

  29. Avatar

    So what happened to his boyfriend

  30. Avatar

    what about david dorn? oh….that's right, you'll only say the names of #certainblacklives

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    I agree that some one needs to get locked up on this case! But blacks killl off them selfs that being said they can't even stand themselves!!

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    how about also getting the bf out of custody for firing at the officers who didn't announce they were the police

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    Bill Randleman

    No knock warrants should be ended.

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    PLEASE someone tell me that someone(the cop) was charged with murdering such a beautiful lady in her own home in the middle of the night

  35. Avatar


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    Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday

    No knock raid in the middle of the night? And people are not allowed to defend themselves when their doors get busted in? Can someone please link me this happening to a white family? Thats like a doctor holding a running chainsaw above your ankle and tapping your knee, knowing what the result would be.

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    ABC = hypocrites & bigots , it don’t matter if your white or yellow only black.

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    Terrance Brown

    Justice for Breonna Taylor

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