Home / News / Dem Senate candidate Mark Kelly apologizes for staffer's obscene tweet about cops

Dem Senate candidate Mark Kelly apologizes for staffer's obscene tweet about cops

Sen. Martha McSally weighs in on her opponent’s handling of staffer’s anti-cop tweet. Mark Kelly still hasn’t fired the staffer. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Avatar

    VOTE MCSALLY for another term

  2. Avatar
    Robinson Bardonski

    Apology accepted. The bar is set so low from the toilet tweeter in chief that I could care less.

    Mark Kelly 2020 for AZ

  3. Avatar

    Keep voting for these Democrats and your city will be like Seattle. Over 150 police officers just quit today. Now the citizens who can’t leave have no one to help them. Boeing just pulled their factory to another State. The Mayor tried to change her support for defunding the police but the City Council said nope!! At least the city council will have private security from tax dollars. Good luck

  4. Avatar
    TheTrumpAmerican Best

    The world is looking at America and saying, what a great leader they have we all would want to have a Trump in our country

  5. Avatar

    That's how the Left thinks about all police. This is why you never vote Democrat.

  6. Avatar

    TRUMP2020 😎🤙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Avatar

    That attiude is the hidden refection of the entire marxislamic Democrat Party. And they only apologize when they know they are caught dead to right in the act of their Anti-American communist glory. 🇨🇳

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    this is what dems think of our police people don't let them tell you otherwise

  10. Avatar

    Kelly is a liberal nutcase like his brother. Hope folks wake up and ditch these creeps.

  11. Avatar

    So full of crap! I live here in Phoenix and Mark Kelly's known about this for a while now hoping it would be swept under the rug by local media. He's only apologizing now because he's being called out for it nationally.

  12. Avatar

    He promised to send people to space……don't know what's worse him or the people who believed him.

  13. Avatar

    The staffer wasn't fired. Enough said. McSally all the way.

  14. Avatar
    Freedom is FREE Thinking

    Mark Kelly is Communist China!

  15. Avatar

    Another Astro-Nut.

    (I stole that term from the New York Post btw.)
    (Years ago there was a female astronaut who wore diapers to stalk a guy; she didn't want to stop while driving cross country, etc.)

  16. Avatar

    He is what I call a greasy person.

  17. Avatar

    used to have more respect for astronauts.this guy brings them down.

  18. Avatar

    mark kelly is a communist pig

  19. Avatar

    Mark Kelly is a sellout! He’s the reason we’ve needed change for decades! These political positions that are sold to other countries for personal gain! It doesn’t get anymore treasonous then that folks!

  20. Avatar

    Junket… is that a rocket-powered Chinese junk?

  21. Avatar

    thank you dems for giving trump 4 more years

  22. Avatar

    Just another dem that needs cancelled.

  23. Avatar

    Mark Kelley is a traitor.

  24. Avatar

    Kelly needs to lose.

  25. Avatar

    What a slimeball police put themselves in danger on the street's they are heroes

  26. Avatar

    Kelly: you are who your friends are – sorry, you will harm our culture.

  27. Avatar

    Mark Kelly is a scumbag, and a traitor to his oath to this country.

  28. Avatar

    On November 3rd vote red down the ballot.

  29. Avatar

    Kelly pretends in his commercials to be independent, a complete and total fraud. Watching his commercials, there is something about him that is really repulsive.

  30. Avatar

    he needs to be gone please arizona

  31. Avatar

    Kelly is a piece of $hit

  32. Avatar

    Perhaps a "worthless f…ing press secretary."

  33. Avatar

    This is one sharp gal Arizona needs her to stay in office

  34. Avatar

    I voted for Martha McSally, lets keep her right where she is at – in the senate seat , we do not need gun hating loony loser Mark Kelly in AZ politics at all!

  35. Avatar
    Observing Humanity

    Reject all Democrat candidates, because they are just socialists calling themselves Democrats.

  36. Avatar

    Democrats never get in trouble, and never apologize because they are arrogant and shameless criminals.

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