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Delta now a tropical storm after making landfall; widespread power outages reported

Delta, now a tropical storm, made landfall Friday night, bringing widespread power outages to Louisiana, Fox News’ Casey Stegall reports.

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    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

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    Earth warmer, more hot air, hurricane like hot air, hurricane come visit the US, Americans think is cheap fracking, is cheap no CO2 reduction, Americans not clear thinking.

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    These poor people continually pounded by storm after storm. No one can say these high numbers of hurricanes are “normal”. We need long term thinking from our leaders , followed by true action…not just political BS. The guy with a sharpie can’t fix it.

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    More fake news and weather

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    That's why it didn't occur in a mysterious manner

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    I've always been a furious planner

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    But I get mad when I'm deceived by any devious scammer

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    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    God,what a mess it made !😨

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    God help all these people 🙏🕊in Jesus name

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    Weather warfare. China and the US. Interesting it's a month to elections and a hurricane comes into the same spot twice and is called delta. Delta formation in military is like a flying V. Perhaps this hurricane is the point of the V and america is in for a crazy month to the most pivotal election in US history, the stakes are high. Will the deep state unleash hell to win and delta is a harbinger of it?

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    Wait, I though hurricanes were named in alphabetical order? How could Delta come after Laura?

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    Praying for safety for residents and teams heading back down to help with all of the clean up and power restoration 🇺🇲🙏

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    Support Donald Trump!

    It's very important that Trump wins this November. Republicans MUST retain the Senate and gain a majority in the House, because how can Trump get PERMANENT legislation passed unless that happens? If he wins, this would be his last term. Executive Orders are not permanent.

    We need to be concerned about supporting Republicans. I understand not worrying about Republicans in name only (RINOS). But we STILL need to have a majority. Chief Justice Roberts might as well be a 'Progressive,' suspect they are blackmailing him. We need both the Senate and the House this year.

    PRAY. Talk to others. Make sure your friends WALK to the polls. We MUST undermine these mail-in votes that could be co-opted by election thieves.

    We need to DONATE. Senator Daines in Montana is not doing well yet. $5 or $10 is surely possible?

    Also: find a Representative you support and try to get them elected. Does NOT have to be in your district. The number, not the location is important. If a Progressive is a shoe-in, go to another Republican in another district.

    Please volunteer for phone calls or whatever you can do. Call the Rep and ask what they need!

    Sitting back and watching is NOT enough!

    If your Federal level Senators and Representatives are a total loss in your state – go to the State Senators and Representatives and Governors. We NEED them too!

    If you have a transportation problem, fight for your city alderman and the county board and the education system. These people build the communities that support the higher levels. HELP!!!

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    Lina V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3


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    Praying for those poor people that live down in that area 🙏

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    Jörgen Fredriksson

    God really hates republican states.

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    Ella ċḣȧṫ ̇ẇi̇ṫḣ ̇ṁė


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    Yap, that's what hurricanes do. Make landfall and begin to decrease in intensity. Nothing to see here.

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