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Deepfakes: Is This Video Even Real? | NYT Opinion

In the video Op-Ed above, Claire Wardle responds to growing alarm around “deepfakes” — seemingly realistic videos generated by artificial intelligence. First seen on Reddit with pornographic videos doctored to feature the faces of female celebrities, deepfakes were made popular in 2018 by a fake public service announcement featuring former President Barack Obama. Words and faces can now be almost seamlessly superimposed. The result: We can no longer trust our eyes.

In June, the House Intelligence Committee convened a hearing on the threat deepfakes pose to national security. And platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are contemplating whether, and how, to address this new disinformation format. It’s a conversation gaining urgency in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

Yet deepfakes are no more scary than their predecessors, “shallowfakes,” which use far more accessible editing tools to slow down, speed up, omit or otherwise manipulate context. The real danger of fakes — deep or shallow — is that their very existence creates a world in which almost everything can be dismissed as false.

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    This is so important!!! Thanks for posting!!!

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    Thanks to the trustworthy NewYork Times I know about DeepFake content.

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    oh, trump said that all right. pos.

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    How is that not illegal? Especially when they are using it for p* orn or to ruin someone's character

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    She's hot, I'll get with that.

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    I didn't mind the deepfake on her face though

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    her blame hand out left our private MIC out of the mix, after 9/11/01 hoax the past few regimes have had a whole lot to do with not just the proliferation of deep fakes, but the reaction to not being able to tell whats what.

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    she’s here to tell us there’s nothing to see here, move along folks nothing to see here.

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    Let us just trust everything that nyt says

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    Keep your big meaty hands out of the view of the camera please.

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    this video is so well done! i love this 🙂
    this is something i am also brought to during one of my media classes and it is deeply concerning. everyone has to be well aware of these fake, well edited news.
    this is also why people have to remember to tell the truth in media.

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    Sooooo, Socrates was deep faking those shadows?!?

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    She seems to have not really established how the platforms are even supposed to know something is real or if it's just a really good deepfake and doesn't want a broader conversation that stresses its importance. She skips over that and essentially starts saying platforms are supposed to something-something-something and then deal with the videos now proven to be deep fakes somehow (how is again conveniently unspecified). She also didn't establish how being "alarmist" was the real issue which is how she started the video. The issue is that previously you could prove a photoshop wasn't real by showing a video or something to provide more context but now even the video might be faked. Even the Pelosi thing is still alive because there are people who say the real video was just sped up. Things like photoshop aren't really comparable here because you can usually pick out photoshops mainly just because of mistakes the artist has made but a computer doesn't make mistakes like that.

    People are NOT going to care in the slightest unless you impress upon them the fundamental aspects of normal critical thinking this undermines/invalidates.

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    Wag the dog is old news. That some people did something on Epstein Is. and are planning to use this as their defense is not new either. Impossible to defend.

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    Mexicans really do look like Pakistani's😱 Why does America class them as Latinos? They're straight up Aztecs and Natives, it's obvious! Latin people are white for God's sake!! 🤦‍♂️ #Godhelpamerica #Americanignorance

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    The noise and tons of misleads are getting too much and tougher to filter these days… can be overwhelming. U know for some people the trust issue or ignorance happens when they start to be more critical on the information/contents coming in. There must be better advise than just being critical…

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    Imagine being in the media and thinking most people have any faith in anything you say anymore.

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