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Deck collapse in New Jersey injures 22 people

Many of the injured included firefighters and their families who had just attended an annual parade and convention in Wildwood.

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    Never hang out on a deck with multiple people. These deck collapses are very common.

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    This is why we have regulations. Regulations save lives.

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    …..*silent……I would poop my pants if I was in that situation like if you agrre

  4. Avatar

    Fires , eartquakes hurricanes , storms
    Definitely End times .

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    Leftist democrats, AOC and Beto supporters and jewish instigators are celebrating this all over Twitter.

  6. Avatar

    How? Why,? And who should be held responsible?

  7. Avatar

    Almost two tones of people plus the weight of the decks. To much weight for the structure to handle.

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    Decks built by people working "jobs Americans won't do"? What are the chances?

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    I never ever hang out on a deck with too many people. Sorry but that is common sense.

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    Welp we know why it collapse now *note to self don't have 22 people on a deck at the same time*

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    Sending my prayers and hoping for a speedy recovery for all injured.🙏🏼💯

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    Why couldn't it have been the damn police. Stand with our firemen/women.

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    I swear I saw this same deck collapse a year ago

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    You would think a bunch of ppl with rescue training, medical training would KNOW that those house decks are not meant to hold THAT many ppl!! SMH.
    Hopefully everybody pulls through, but seriously…this should've been common sense.

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    Thats wht u get when u build it the” american way”..

  17. Avatar

    Cheap house. At lease its better than a mass shooting so stop complain.😂😊😁

  18. Avatar

    Wildwood sucks. And there’s proof

  19. Avatar

    A bunch of firefighters couldn't tell that deck was structurally unsound?

  20. Avatar

    Guaranteed the decks were built with no building permits
    Very expensive lawsuit coming wit stringent code violations it happens quite frequently in jersey shore rentals
    I’m a litigator and have had 5 cases like this

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    up here in mass decks like that are required to have a engineer inspect and sign off on them every 5 years…of course most landlords do not do it…just had mine inspected last month…400$ small price to pay for piece of mind..

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    Check an see if my drivers license an ssi card in that ho

  23. Avatar

    This is more of a thing that happened than news

  24. Avatar

    Well, at least they have medical insurance.

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    Who would've known that 4,000 pounds of drunk people on the deck, moving all over would've made it fail? That's like driving a pickup truck onto your deck This reminds me of that wedding video where there are like 25 people on a dock and it sank and everyone ruined their tuxedos and dresses lmao.

    Common sense seems to be almost non-existent these days.

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    I told them 2 ×12 floor joists but nooooo!

  27. Avatar

    Did they exceed the maximum number of people that should have been on the deck at one time? Is there a regulation which requires the deck to support a certain amount of weight per sq. ft.? Something very similar happened at the University of North Texas. Must have been 40 or more college students crowded into a little bitty apartment. The whole damn thing collapse onto the 1st floor. Good thing the occupants were concerned with what was going on above them and had gone outside. Common sense is hard to come by these days when so many depend on A. I. for all the answers.

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    Too much hair gel and spray on tan for one deck to support.

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    I saw they are going to investigate why it collapsed. I can save them some money………………………gravity.

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