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Debate moderator Steve Scully claims he was hacked after twitter controversy

Moderator for the second presidential debate, Steve Scully, claims he was hacked after tweeting out a message about President Trump to Anthony Scaramucci. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Chris, you've had a pretty respectable career up until now
    Don't leave your legacy to reflect a partisan turncoat at the end.
    Your bias is obvious, and people are losing their respect for you

  2. Avatar

    I can't stand to her Wallace talk. Ugh

  3. Avatar

    Hacked…Lol…hacked really?

  4. Avatar

    Chris Wallace is a trojan horse….

  5. Avatar

    Chris Wallace is over. A very dishonest man.

  6. Avatar

    Chris Wallace has an excuse for everything. Completely transparent Biden supporter.
    No one hacks an account and sends private messages like that.

  7. Avatar

    Time to CANCEL Chris Wallace. Such a HACK. If the late Mike Wallace was still alive, he would be so ashamed of son, Chris.

  8. Avatar
    joe vincent dela cruz

    Chris, just so you know Trump has the leverage, he is the sitting president. are you that old to forget that holding the office is a bigger leverage than leading a poll (which is always questionable).

  9. Avatar

    The title was interesting then i saw WALLACE …What a HACK ….so i comment and im out to watch ANYTHING WITHOUT WALLACE

  10. Avatar

    look the bias moderator wallace

  11. Avatar

    Get Chris Wallace outta here. Everything so rigged against Trump
    The establishment wants no outsiders.
    Vote Trump.

  12. Avatar

    DM codedhacker1 on IG for all your hacking he's really a genius

  13. Avatar

    CODEDHACKER1 on IG got my Twitter acc working successfully

  14. Avatar

    Chris wallace you should nice to china..

  15. Avatar
    Electoral Education

    Fire Chris Wallace

  16. Avatar
    Ангелина Нор

    Fascists of the dictator Lukashenka continue the genocide of the Belarusian people!!! Support Belarusians!

  17. Avatar

    This Chris guy is not expert.Dont care for him.

  18. Avatar

    WALLACE so bias. Should never have been a moderator.

  19. Avatar

    Democrats are filth

  20. Avatar

    This same Chris wallace who gave away positions of the scud missile attacks on Tel Aviv during the first Iraqi war. Was told not to do that several times until Ted Koppel cut his feed on Nightline. He has always been reckless and irresponsible

  21. Avatar

    Boycott Wallace!

  22. Avatar

    Fox news are puppets for the radical left fact

  23. Avatar

    CODEDHACKER1 on IG got my acc fixed

  24. Avatar

    CODEDHACKER1 on IG got my Twitter acc fixed

  25. Avatar

    Trump told this would happen.

  26. Avatar

    He is a Democrat mole

  27. Avatar

    Joe Biden is using any excuse to stay away from debates.

  28. Avatar

    How the hell can a guy who used to work for Biden possibly be an objective moderator? It'd be like having Sean Hannity moderate the debate.

  29. Avatar

    Biden is hiding his ideas from the Americans and refusing to answer questions of those that Americans deserve to know what his plans are. Trump always honestly answers all kinds of questions and uses his actions to keep his promises. Trump 2020!

  30. Avatar

    Chris Wallace is a democratic hack, not a journalist!

  31. Avatar

    "My account was hacked!" is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  32. Avatar

    Why these dumocrates become moderator? They all agains Mr. Trump and Bias. Please put Sean Hannity to be moderator then. Fire Chris Wallace from Fox news, he is too radical dumocrates.👎👎👎👹👹👹🙏🙏🙏🚓🚓🚓

  33. Avatar

    The debate commission has become a branch of the DNC, just like most of the media. So naturally the Debate Commission canceled after President Trump correctly declined to attend in light of the breaking news about the Democrat Moderator Steve Scully Is Caught Posting Anti-Trump Tweet.

  34. Avatar

    Fox news is a business and a service that is offered to a certain public.A conservative public. This public has spoken and said that they do not trust Wallace because he is biased. Get rid of him Fox news.

  35. Avatar

    Chris Wallace, hahahaha, the best debating moderator who never moderated a debate well.

  36. Avatar

    Go sniff Creepy Joe, Creepy Wallace.

  37. Avatar

    Yes, he was hacked anytime they get caught lying they found something and someway to blame.

  38. Avatar

    😂 lol, I’ve been hacked is the lamest excuse there is! He’s a biased swamp creature! Dishonest

  39. Avatar

    Chris Wallace says Steve Scully is an honorable man. So that should tell you what kind of man he is. He also interned under Biden. And now they are trying to keep Trump from debating.

  40. Avatar

    Go suck him off dude. Are you kidding me? Chris wallace is an absolute joke.

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