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Debate Commission co-chair stands by virtual debate decision

Commission on the Presidential Debates co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf joins Martha MacCallum to discuss how they made the decision to go virtual with the second debate. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Don’t debate virtually…Hell no.

  2. Avatar

    They saw Harris get beat in the debate last night so they had to change the rules. Joe would be coached through their debate by his puppet masters

  3. Avatar

    Total shiaat.

  4. Avatar

    That guy is creepy. Have to say it.

  5. Avatar
    Virginia Campodonico

    TRUMP is healthy, his doctors just gave HIM
    Clear of CHINESE VIRUS
    WHY the virtual Debate?

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    This guy should be arrested for interfering in the election

  8. Avatar

    Why the virtual debate? So, we can mute Trump!

  9. Avatar

    Lol, no one wants to be next to Typhoid Mary trump. You are all delusional and your boy is a coward who can’t handle a Zoom meeting.

  10. Avatar
    Angry Californian

    This hack he can’t even stop studering when he lies

  11. Avatar

    Debate or hide???? I’ve had to go to work everyday since this BS started and I work for the government, my child has went back to school(brick and mortar) and our life hasn’t changed. We don’t ware mask and it’s the Democratic states that have an issue. What’s the real number of true Covid deaths????? Not the made up number??

  12. Avatar

    welcome to the world stage, dullards.

  13. Avatar

    You are a snake 🐍for Democrats..😠🤬

  14. Avatar

    Soooo it’s ok for the American people to go to a restaurant and take their masks off while eating, with many people around but not a debate? Ridiculous

  15. Avatar

    What a joke, the democrats are affecting the decisions that of the debate commission are making, they’re constantly looking for a way to cheat!

  16. Avatar
    aramis arredondo

    It's not enough to give biden the questions ahead of time, and then allow him to have an ear piece, now they want to keep him in his basement with a teleprompter.

  17. Avatar

    Additionally everyone knows that biden's going to use the virtual debate as a way to get information and coaching just like he had the earpiece and the wire in the last debate. come on man!!! everyone knows he's going to be cheating

  18. Avatar

    Listening to trump is a waste of time. Trump wants to infect Biden so he’ll get sick.

  19. Avatar

    When will you be covering the crazy militia bastard that are trying to over throw our democracy?

  20. Avatar

    Defund these idiots…a desolve organization..

  21. Avatar

    Waste of time. Do rally. T🇺🇸R🇺🇸U🇺🇸M🇺🇸P🇺🇸. 2020

  22. Avatar

    Who he kidding. The Ladies from Visiting Angel’s decided “Joey” can’t go out after dark.

  23. Avatar
    Virginia Campodonico

    Hey, Tell us which party do you BELONG?

  24. Avatar

    The commission is dirty already.

  25. Avatar

    More bribes like indian in india. 😜

  26. Avatar

    You are bias sir you are a democrat

  27. Avatar

    A Virtual Debate is A Joke! Biden can't debate without Help. He might have another Crease in his shirt, a Monitor to help answer questions, etc.

  28. Avatar

    Lets just lock down the planet so that we'll all be 'safe'

  29. Avatar

    This such a mess, just because Trump is having a fit as to how the debate is happening. He not in charge of the debates take it like a man Trump stop crying like a child because things don't go your way!

  30. Avatar
    Aaron Blossfield

    The most righteous comb over

  31. Avatar

    “……COUGH, COUGH!!…..”

  32. Avatar

    He makes me sick. It’s not by chance that the day after pence mopped the floor w what’s her face, that they want to do “virtual” teleprompter style for the left.

  33. Avatar

    Your a disgrace and you know it a tool of the socialist

  34. Avatar

    Guess who is retiring from his 30 year false narrative Job . Right after the election!!? 👎🤔. This guy is a professional fool 😂.

  35. Avatar

    This guy is angry.

  36. Avatar

    It’s take two to debate…plus the moderator on the Democrats side. There, I fix it.

  37. Avatar

    I refuse to listen to this interview. There is no such scheme as a "virtual debate". What in the hell have these scammers become? Put your gloves on and box.

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