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Death of Oshawa, Ont., family has shocked the community: Father's colleague

Chris Traynor and three of his four kids died in an apparent murder-suicide Friday. His neighbours and colleagues are remembering Traynor as a dedicated sports coach who had a deep connection to the community.

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    Christopher Jimenez Cabezas

    Such a tragedy that shouldn't be happening anymore so sad 😭😭😭💔💔💔

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    Thanks for Listening

    Had to read through a lot of comments to find any DETAILS! How is this reporting? How do you not say who perpetrated this heinous crime? Of course people immediately jump to thinking the dad snapped – but NO! It was (allegedly) the brother-in-law but 0 actual facts are provided? Awful enough story but made worse by awful lack of any actual news.

  4. Avatar

    Who the hell is chris trainer?

  5. Avatar

    Why are people still talking about this its over and done with lets get over it people there will be more to come

  6. Avatar

    This is so deeply sad md grieving. My deepest condolences and prayers. Comfort and healing for them. Psalms 23.

  7. Avatar

    . SO Sad, My deepest condolences & prayers for the family of the victims.

  8. Avatar

    Love from TO! Our hearts go out to anyone suffering at this time.

  9. Avatar

    Suck a horrible tragedy! RIP Traynor family 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Avatar

    A teacher & his family killed wth!? I just read that someone drove from Winnipeg to murder this family but not saying why….

  11. Avatar

    Mainstream media is in desperate need of an overhaul

  12. Avatar

    Sincere Condolences. I hope they will focus on why there has been a spike in these kinds of terrible crimes in Canada such as Socioeconomic / Mental Health factors. We hear about the symptoms (i.e. the crimes) but rarely is there any news about the cause and resolution for them

  13. Avatar

    Sad day in Canada USA is comming too pollute Canada where's our leadership at

  14. Avatar

    condolences to everyone involved, but something needs to be done to prevent future tragedies. We cant mourn every time a tragedy occurs…violence is only getting worse nowadays.

  15. Avatar

    CBC please treat these types of events with the same quick brief reporting we get on crime that involves First Nation communities and visible minorities.

  16. Avatar

    The reporting is needs to done better. None of this explains anything, except for whats going on in the community. The details are vague…my condolences to what's left of the father and his 4 children.

  17. Avatar

    They re in a better place.

  18. Avatar

    Be carefull with david fon hemmen in oshawa. Very bad tenant, never pay in time and ruining tour house. Then move and leave unpaid bills behind.

  19. Avatar

    Not enough dislikes

  20. Avatar

    That’s crazy 😜 news

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  22. Avatar

    RIP ! ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  23. Avatar

    Love & Prayers from Alberta🙏❤🙏

  24. Avatar

    Dirty scummy smear merchants. Making it appears as if the father did this.

  25. Avatar

    This is the first I'm hearing about this tragedy, so I don't get the background coaching story being as important as a basic factual report would be. I assume I've missed hearing about it earlier.

  26. Avatar

    It's feminism fault.

  27. Avatar

    What happened to people nowadays? If you can't work it out just walk away guys…media and social environment of the modern life have a big role on making people insane to this level. May God have mercy on the deceased…my heartfelt condolences…

  28. Avatar

    Shocked the nation 😐

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    RIP to the family. 🙏

  31. Avatar

    Sad but happens everyday an we sit an watch instead of doing something.. there reason for everything… I wanna see real news on the situation honestly

  32. Avatar

    Just another day in the shwa

  33. Avatar

    Hmmm, does this involved trafficking?

  34. Avatar

    Sad how the greed of a money hungry brother can do this to his family. Truly sickening

  35. Avatar

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends~ 😔💙🌹
    Stay ’safe’, everyone! Blessed be~🌜

  36. Avatar

    m shocked to saw the sad. news of Oshawa shooting , I have no words just shocked .
    A happy family completely lost

  37. Avatar

    All about inheritance issue. Sad 😞

  38. Avatar

    RIP so sad

  39. Avatar

    Since i heard this: I have been praying for them ; for the mother and for all the family . God heal all

  40. Avatar

    No matter why this happened, this family didn't need to have their lives lost. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and community dealing with this. ❤️ from BC

  41. Avatar

    Can anyone explain what happened?

  42. Avatar

    Conservative community

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