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Dave Matthews talks about meeting Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Musician Dave Matthews recalls meeting both President Trump and Joe Biden, and tells CNN’s Jake Tapper his message to people who are considering not voting in the 2020 presidential election
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    Red River Aerial Photography

    What a joke! The flu has killed more than the scamdemic!

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    Oh and what do the so called peaceful protesters SLASH rioters thugs criminals and robber's and arsonist. They disregard everything. Dave Mathews is a sell out and part of the problem. He can suck it

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    Typically biased CNN. The Cartoon Nitwit Network.

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    We don't believe in community responsibility . We believe in Individual Freedoms , experts aren't shit modern sceince is nothing more than a religion of lies forced on all

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    I didn’t know Dave was running for President.

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    Red River Aerial Photography

    If you vote for Biden you believe in zombies. Just listen to him.

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    He sounds like Seth Rogen 😛

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    Cnn let's keep putting as many celebrity child molesters on as possible . The mindless Democratic supporters will follow and obey.

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    Good to hear, Dave is going places. Too funny.

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    Trump thinks he's above paying don't undestand why his followers think they're included. A bill will come due and you can take it to the bank Spanky won't pick it up.

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    Divide the year 2020 by 666 and you get 30330. That's the "Text UNITED to 30330" on Biden campaign signs

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    I miss your awesome concerts, Dave!

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    The Perfect description of the Democrat ticket, FROM a BLACK MALE: “The old white guy that wrote a crime bill that was racist and the black b*t$h who used it to lock up brothers forever and bragged about it”!! Think For Yourselves!!

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    I feel so bad that this multi millionaire is out of work ……….how could we deal with it. Trump 2020 ……and I’m not even American ….let’s do it. Pence / Trump 2020 !!!!!!!! Hey

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    So co-vid to me babe…….., and I'll coviiid toooo, youuuuuuuuuu.

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    Smith: A Biden Presidency Will Mean A Faster US Collapse
    With Biden, the time frame changes completely and the crash must move faster. Why? Because the globalists cannot allow a Biden Admin (and by extension the globalists themselves) to be labeled as the culprits behind the crash…

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    joe biden, in his own words, is going to beat himself:

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    @Dave Matthews~U r AWESOME!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽

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    This interview convinced me to vote… thank you!

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    Biden is the first step!
    Patience! It will take a long time to repair the damage done by Trump & the GOP!

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    Rock the Vote brother..🤘

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    Do you drink much Dave? 🤔

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    You Rock Dave!

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    Dave Matthew should right a song about Covid so I can crap on it with my friends

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    CNN is bought and paid for by the deep state and is covering for their crimes. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Yo Dave check my fretboard invention 🎸👌🏽 let’s collabo

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    Another irrelevant endorsement. Dave matthews music is the soundtrack for failing marriages and alcoholism

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    I couldn't agree with Mr. Mathews more concerning his argument on the conflict between science and ignorance. And the right is very good at exasperating this phenomena, tell someone from the right that masks help prevent the spread of the virus and they will tell you that the virus is nothing less than a democratic plot to take over the country and turn it into a socalist state. But here's what disturbs me to the point that I will remove my firearms from my safe. The ignorance of the right freely goes out and buys automatic firearms from gun stores not for the purposes of hunting but I fear armed insurrection.

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    Like this guy.

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    Dave Please ! Love your Stuff, Butt Cnn Is going to Put You Out Of business Just Because you Showed up at Cnn. Why CNN? Plenty of Real Networks Out There Now, That would Love to Let You Tell the Truth.

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    Corrupt? Demented? Old? Chinese Spy? Not a problem – you can still become a democratic nominee. MAGA 2020 for Jobs, Law and Order.

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    Dave mathews also add him to the moron list

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    Joe biden received money from chinese through Hunter Biden. You only hear it in the New York Post and Fox News otherwise the corruption media is not publishing this.

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    Why don't you talk to the man who had the meetings with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden about all those crooked deals.

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