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Date night couple foil attempted armed robbery – BBC News

Off-duty police officers Chase and Nicole McKeown were eating dinner when they noticed an armed man enter the restaurant they were in.

The married couple tell BBC News how they sprang into action and stopped the man attempting a robbery at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers at the Mid City Mall in Louisville, Kentucky.

The would-be thief was later arrested.

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  1. Avatar

    Dead or alive, you’re coming with me

  2. Avatar

    He's a lucky guy who's got a beautiful wife.

  3. Avatar

    Cmon, I thought they will blow his brains out. Like on those other 99% armed robbery videos

  4. Avatar

    Man's punching well above his weight ❕
    She's fo'sure a couple leagues ahead of this guy at least.
    They both in the same business, I'd hazard a guess at in the same department even,
    He wants a young fresh pretty blonde to attempt filling with his homebrew baby batter (who can blame him, honestly❓)
    And she wants a promotion a pay rise and to lessen her rent / bills.
    (who can blame her⁉️)

    It's a match made in Heaven ✔️ 💯

  5. Avatar

    the police are not allowed to feed the "legal/illegal" system of the beast with the elite. after all , the beast does not eat itself. we, the people, though, are definitely on the menu.

  6. Avatar

    O Lord UK tax money going to BBC so they can
    1) Business class flights
    2) Michelin star restaurants
    3) Unlimited mini-bar
    4) Prostitutes

    For this.

  7. Avatar

    The female officer is so s e x y .


  8. Avatar

    Who cares about your stupid illuminati story ~ Bernie 2020

  9. Avatar

    Well, I guess the BBC has given up on posting any hard news reports on YouTube.

  10. Avatar

    "were" having a date, in British English. Not all collectives are grammatically singular, I don't care what Jacob Rees-Mogg says.

  11. Avatar

    This video was a beautiful way for me to start the day. God bless you all.

  12. Avatar

    She’s the best looking cop I’ve seen.

  13. Avatar

    Guns make the world a safer place.

  14. Avatar

    Professional policing. What a rare surprise.

  15. Avatar

    Is it normal to take a loaded gun on a date in America?

  16. Avatar

    What was he after a happy meal ? Ffs brain dead thugs

  17. Avatar

    This was nice.
    Makes a great premise for a story.

  18. Avatar

    Obviously staged. Show us the officers ID.

  19. Avatar

    Wow, little behind there BBC……this happened like a week ago.

  20. Avatar

    This happens a lot in the United States. There was a stupid criminal who tried to rob an all-night diner that had several police officers in it. They were there after a shift change. That means most of them had just gotten off duty.

  21. Avatar

    I’ll give the guy credit
    He’s definitely punching above his weight with that chick

  22. Avatar

    Cops can afford to eat out in neighborhoods where the residents can’t. Protect and serve and never mind the underlying economic issues behind the crime! Good guy w a gun woohoo!

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