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Data Dive: COVID-19 cases in Leeds care homes revealed

Care home COVID-19 cases in some pockets of the UK have risen sharply and Leeds is seeing a spike higher now than in May in the social care sector.

Sky News’ Economic Editor Ed Conway takes a closer look at how care homes is coping with COVID-19 in England according to new internal NHS documents.

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  1. Avatar

    Fear mongering round 2:

    Fight 🤺

  2. Avatar

    Lockdown in care homes !!!

  3. Avatar
    Jacob Scoffschild

    More false flags to come, all part of the New World Order agenda.

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    Call me Pinocchio

    Oh look it's the false statistics graph man again.

  5. Avatar

    Where is your moral backbone

  6. Avatar

    "This is the news that none of us wanted to report or indeed to hear” said the sly news reporter with a look of deception on his face.

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    Cases are different to deaths, I had a pet papaya (paw paw) , it tested positive but the good news is that it survived
    Isn't it about time the People grew some balls and not be herded by the 0.1%

  8. Avatar

    more overtime for sky news team

  9. Avatar

    Good report from the Bradford barbers chair by Caterina Vitozzi just on SkyNews, cant find it though. A good point. Still dont know a single person with or who has had Coronavirus and I dont know a single person who knows of a single person who's got / had it either. WestYorkshirePolice keep arriving at the Bradford central coronavirus testing camp outside the Omnia Town Hall, was more serious yesterday, YJ16 FHA at 12.50pm, thats a traffic BMW asset, perhaps ARV? I wonder why people keep kicking off outside this facility? Id certainly feel more comfortable if I knew of someone with actual covid experience, but if it shuts down some of these business signs, the alphabet abuse, that cant be a bad thing. #HTTP #Unesco

  10. Avatar

    May I give our UK government some advice (and likely this will apply to the rest of Europe too)? Put more stringent measures in the care homes and leave every other part of the country open. Clearly majority of COVID deaths are happening in the care homes, and the reason for the recent rise in deaths is clearly because the virus has found its way into the care homes again (as we see in that graph). Why lock up everyone else when majority of the problem is in the care homes?

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    BOLLOCKS. 😂😂

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    Have a pint. Go on

    Yeah right. Bullshit.

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    adil jatt 1988 uk nameless


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    Fear mongering liars

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    Omg that graph represents the red of labour; highlighting those Twitter hits after todays events, Corbyn was meant to be Britains messiah.

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    Wear Masks, Distance, Wash hands

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    Cases mean nothing, hospitalisation and deaths are the only indicator. Care homes will never be immune to the flu

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    That’s just normal influenza cases that are being fiddled remember that was the spring that they are comparing it with

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    Андрей Игоревич


  20. Avatar

    People dying in care homes?
    Who would've thought?!

  21. Avatar

    More lies and distortions from the MSM.

  22. Avatar
    Francisco Zurbaran


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    Watch Dr Mike Yeadon interviews former head Pfizer urgently NOW your sanity depends on it . See Anna brees also it’s urgent

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