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Daniel Prude: black man dies after being restrained in 'spit hood' by police

Footage shows a group of police officers placing a hood over a black man’s head before pressing his face into the pavement, after he was found running naked through the streets of a western New York city. Daniel Prude died of asphyxiation on 30 March after he was taken off life support, seven days after the encounter with police in Rochester. His death received no public attention until Wednesday, when his family held a news conference and released police body camera video and written reports they obtained through a public records request

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    Just out for a jog ffs

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    Wow are they serious unbelievable

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    If he was just experiencing "mental health issues" then his brother should have called a psychologist not the police.

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    Trumps presidency I'm a nutshell

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    Regardless of Daniel Prudes mental health issues, the police had no right to treat him the way they did. He complied and did not resist the police orders! Why did they manhandle him? That mask is scary. It should have been transparent. Another case of POLICE BRUTALITY. Can’t understand why this was not on the TV stations. This happened in March, before George Floyd’s death.

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    Pomp pomp pomp another one bites the dust!!🎄🎉🎉🤣

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    These racists involved and in these comments are disgusting.

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    He was just jogging…

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    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Ask the widows of David Dorn, Aaron Danielson how they feel … husband executed by blm protesters

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    5 year old Cannon Hinnant riding his bicycle in his own yard. A black nextdoor neighbor goes out puts a hand gun to cannon head and kills him execution style. Justice for Cannon .

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    All that's required is restrain him and call for an ambulance. Job done. Strange how cops choose to involve themselves in the death of people in such condition.

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    Whenever cops get called anything relating to a black man you know he getting shot dead. Even if you call the cops to help a black man or if you are a black man who needs help. Please don't call the cops! Unless you want to get murdered…

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    Oh look the bad cop kills black Saint routine once again 😴

    Bore off with this merry go round

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    Dude was acting like a buffoon during the whole thing. All he had to do was sit down, shut up, stop acting a fool. .sreggiN

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    Cops training needs to change.

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    he couldnt handle his high and somehow thats the white mans fault ?? lol. foh

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    First name Last name

    "mental health issues" aka batshit crazy.

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    Don't get me vex before i go back to sleep 🤬🤬🤬

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