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Daniel Andrews says 'now is the time to open up' after Victoria records no Covid cases

An emotional Victorian premier has announced that from midnight tomorrow night Melbourne businesses will be able to start reopening as coronavirus restrictions ease. The news came after the state recorded zero new cases after a major testing blitz over the weekend. ‘Now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course,’ Andrews said. ‘Now is the time to thank every single Victorian family for being guided by the data, the science and the doctors. Not letting our frustration get the better of us but, instead, proving equal to this wicked enemy’
Coronavirus Australia live update: Daniel Andrews says ‘now is the time to open up’ after Victoria records no Covid cases

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  1. Avatar

    And what happens when one of the thousands of people with the Rona flu go to that area and you get another little pocket of cases? This guy gonna shut it all down again?

  2. Avatar

    Disgusting bloke

  3. Avatar

    Lies lies lies. They have adjusted the PCR test and will do it again to put you back into lockdown the tyrannical corrupt fekkas

  4. Avatar

    His @r$e fell out.

  5. Avatar

    Opening up does not mean people start roaming around. It should be only if its needed.
    COVID-19 is a lab made virus.

  6. Avatar

    Hands, Face, Space, Dole, Scrap Heap, all on account of China and a lie.

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    What a fud

  8. Avatar

    This is pure Evil we're witnessing

  9. Avatar

    Shameful is the lowest vibration dan

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    ovwpdlixxilbqwvo xilbqwvoovwpdlix

    There hasn't been a single
    case since this all began. We
    all know it was to COVER UP
    genocide against the elderly.

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    Jeffrey Chongsathien

    He needs to go to jail for the homicide of the four babies and many more crimes.

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    The government failed and they knew the power of people's they stepped down but this won't be the end of it

  13. Avatar

    This entire event is going to have done more damage to scientific credibility than any other event in history. You cried wolf right before we were about to avert global catastrophe. Well, it was nice knowing you.

  14. Avatar

    Till the next "wave" of testing.

  15. Avatar

    Finally ran out of people to test then!

  16. Avatar
    Socks With Sandals

    The people made him back down with their courage in the face of Gestapo abduction squads removing people for their thoughtcrimes on Fakebook.

  17. Avatar

    Time for all the Con Politicians to be Arrested and Jailed for All the LIES

  18. Avatar

    Thank you for allowing us to Treat u like criminals

  19. Avatar

    Roll on Trump 20/20. We English took the Liberals to sword in our December 2019 election. This needs to happen in America to. The human population has had enough of rich, entitled Liberals.

  20. Avatar

    Everyone go back to normal like nothing happened

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