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Daily government update: Education Secretary stands by some children returning to school in June

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson leads today’s daily press conference joined by Dr Jenny Harries, UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer (Subscribe:

Mr Williamson says children in reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be allowed to return to school on 1 June if the infection rate is decreasing and based on the “best scientific advice”.

He confirms there have been 468 deaths in the UK in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people to have died after testing positive for Covid-19 to 34,466.


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  1. Avatar

    Make an obvious statement no one can disagree with then try to pressure people to put their children in mortal danger. Considering Tory track record in the past 10 years I wouldn't trust them to look after a school tuck shop.

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    London 2001: 60% white
    London 2011: 45% white
    London 2021: ???
    London is no longer an English city.

  4. Avatar

    Capitalism, Communism…they’re both just two sides of the same shekel.

  5. Avatar

    If only you knew how much better things could be…

  6. Avatar

    Figures are false do your own journalism download pdf skip to section 4

  7. Avatar

    I wonder how many people in care homes were killed off by Channel 4's fear porn?

  8. Avatar

    Access to white peoples’ countries is NOT a human right!

  9. Avatar


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    Lockdown kills more than it saves.

  11. Avatar

    Australia for many many years did very well to teach students over the air, !, I would say children can learn on line, "No Vaccine yet" many Children's parents Won't risk family life at all !, I won't ever risk my family "NEVER", !!!, and its possible that Children CAN bring Corvid-19 to the family home to kill off their parents, as I said NO vaccine, you have your answer to that…

  12. Avatar

    Sending children to school now would be like a death sentence I’m sorry to say yet again this government has failed us all big time we are the highest for covid in the world and that being said why are people not being tested upon entry in to this country they are playing god with peoples lives

  13. Avatar

    kids shouldnt go back till passrliament returns to normal….. our kids are not fucking guinea pigs

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    Dave BongoSlide

    THE CITY inside London has never been English it uses different police look at the colours, and has its own rule even the Queen get escorted through it, wakes up, this is al la power play for you acquiescing to be slaves once again, after all, was it not man-made germ warfare contracted to American scientists I in the yuan labs? did they wrongly report and blame the chines public, and only change the narrative as the internet put pressure on them to start owning up to the truth? , I look forward to how many less die of the flue this year and there excuses for this? is staying indoors good for your general health?

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    Sheeple are Lame

    >>>FREE HIM<<<

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    Dave BongoSlide

    CULTURAL MARXISM is what we have become is it not?

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    the 3min53 yt video ''Children under threat? | Mysterious inflammatory illness linked to Covid-19 affects kids,'' by RT and the 43 Second 'STAY ALERT' by Double Down News

  18. Avatar

    Wow. 25 posts so far and most of them obvious shitposts!

  19. Avatar

    There is no Covid Virus!! Liars!! Stop giving Flu Shots…….you are spreading the FLU!

  20. Avatar

    I'm enjoying watching the affluent, disappointed, increasingly desperate Left attempt to turn this crisis into some sort of worker's revolution. On our behalf, of course. Crack on, comrades, I've got plenty of popcorn.

  21. Avatar

    I hope you are aware that the number of death is much higher of that 34.000 (an italian repost estimate almost 50.000 death in UK). Why is happened? It's easy. If you had put aside your arrogance and if you had listened italian warning or, more simply, had carefully watched was happening in Italy, Spain or France, you could avoid all theese death. You could watch and learn from other country; instead, you acted late and badly. You should blame only yourself. And now, you continue pursuing a very strange strategy against corona-virus: for example, why you don't use mask especially in close enviroments? without a good strategy, you'll remain in a lockdown for much time. Stay strong UK

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    The 'Jack' account is one of the Al Pike swarm of putinbotz. This one women regularly 'contributes' 30%+ of posts on a C4 News article.

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    The BMA are in agreement with the teachers that the infection rates of coronavirus are to high in England to open Schools.

  24. Avatar

    Wear Face masks and 3d face shields – cheap on Etsy and take some Vitamin D!

  25. Avatar

    All these vitamin D posts are very much like the 'expertise' on international trade we saw during the Brexit campaign.

  26. Avatar

    Of course the number of cases of people in hospital with Covid19 are down…..THEY'RE DEAD. If they're dead, then they are no longer alive….duh!

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