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Cyprus ends citizenship through investment scheme

Cyprus has abolished a lucrative programme granting citizenship in turn for investments after an Al Jazeera expose.
The parliamentary speaker who is seen in the undercover video says he will abstain from duties until an investigation is completed.
Aljazeera exposed senior politicians who took part in a scheme to help a criminal buy a Cypriot passport.

Al Jazeera’s David Harrison reports from Nicosia, Cyprus.

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  1. Avatar

    Good desicion as jihadis are infiltrating to destroy the culture of Cyprus through the sharia law

  2. Avatar

    Political bribery, and then obviously blackmail, explains Putin’s hold over them, as if it wasn’t obvious before.

  3. Avatar

    Cyprus is Hittite first people of Cyprus

  4. Avatar

    Shame on Cyprus government a lot of criminals flying from oversee and buying Cyprus citizenship which is shame

  5. Avatar

    Al Jazeera is doing it's thing😂😂Why are high level people n Cyprus meeting with lowly people who want citizenship. Don't they have people for that😂

  6. Avatar
    Mario Michaelides

    Good work it need to be done with more countries aswell in Europe.

  7. Avatar

    North Cyprus🇹🇷 🤲

  8. Avatar

    Congratulation Al Jazeera and thank you.

  9. Avatar

    Thanks aljazeera

  10. Avatar

    Τώρα να δω που θα πουλήσετε όλο αυτό το τσιμέντο που σηκωσατε

  11. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  12. Avatar

    I don't think people really grasp the work that Al Jazeera just did here. This is incredible work.

  13. Avatar
    Charmaine Agathocleous

    It's time the government helps the Cypriots that paid into the System for years and are now suffering due to banks that was giving free money without making sure they have enough security if the clients are unable to pay back the loans.

  14. Avatar
    Christodoulos Polycarpou

    Cypriots are very happy to see the video of Al Jazeera. Syllouris Demetres and many officials at all levels where taking advantage of their position not only for the investment program The legislation system judges lawyers police and government officials are working together in an deep state corruption.

  15. Avatar

    nice good job al jazeera

  16. Avatar

    what a corrupt country and they taking money from the EU claiming they have no money now we know where the money goes and i have to add greek language is just ugly

  17. Avatar

    Al Jezeera just threw a wrench in a lot of Saudi’s ‘ Plan B’ 😂

  18. Avatar

    Cyprus is 2nd class country,no need for investment

  19. Avatar

    Turkey had should take back whole island in 74.

  20. Avatar
    Charalampia Loukatzii

    In Christianity there is a saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'.” Most of the governments are worse than the Cypriot one but ofc you have to do what you are paid for… to serve the interests of the countries that want to harm Cyprus!

  21. Avatar


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