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Cyprus abolishes citizenship through investment programme

Cyprus has announced it will abolish a controversial passport scheme following an investigation by Al Jazeera that revealed how high-ranking politicians were willing to issue passports to convicted criminals.
The interior and finance ministries said in a statement posted in Greek on Twitter that the citizenship through investment programme in its current form will be abolished from November 1.
“The proposal was based on the longstanding weaknesses but also on the abusive exploitation of the provisions of the program,” Tuesday’s statement said.
On Monday, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit released The Cyprus Papers Undercover, which showed the willingness of parliament speaker, Demetris Syllouris, and member of parliament, Christakis Giovanis (also known as Giovani in Cyprus), to aid and abet convicted criminals to obtain a passport through the Citizenship Investment Programme (CIP).

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  1. Avatar
    Mohammed Yawar Tariq Wani

    Keep it up!👍

  2. Avatar

    The Chinese Communist Party members are abusing it as well. They know that their economy could collapse any day, and the people turn on the regime.

  3. Avatar
    escahun zimalnachuh

    Good work by Al Jazeera this time, what about money laundry through London, Germany or Debbie!

  4. Avatar

    Being Chinese who was born in mainland but moved abroad, well, I have to say Chinese families would love to require passports from another countries to evade Gaokao, since China doesn't permit dual citizenship. So, what's going on in Cyprus is, meh.

  5. Avatar

    Finally, these corrupt officials are mine to punish.

  6. Avatar
    Ilias Stavrinadis

    Fake news, propably founded from katar??? 👍👍👍

  7. Avatar

    All countries have similar policies, in australia you can get citizenry by buying property , in the usa you can join the military and become a citizen etc etc . As for corrupt officials? They are everywhere under every stone in every land.

  8. Avatar

    Good job Turkey from Australia 🇦🇺

  9. Avatar

    wow!! power of media. this is what we want

  10. Avatar

    Al Jazeera ended Cyprus

  11. Avatar

    Shame on terrorist financier Aljazeera "Qatar"

  12. Avatar

    $11 billion is laundered through companies based in Netherlands every year.
    That is money stolen from places in Latin America and Africa.

  13. Avatar

    Don't worry nothing happens in Cyprus it is a political and public culture!
    They can be removed today but they will come back next election more powerful..

  14. Avatar

    cyprus would fare better under turkish rule! free cyprus from balls of eu/greek!

  15. Avatar

    We should do this in Canada.

  16. Avatar

    why? loads if countries do this usa canada to name two

  17. Avatar

    So Cyprus going to be another heaven for the criminals and corrupt politicians of 3rd world nations

    Shame on them

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