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Cutthroat Inc. l 20/20 l PART 4

Ed Shin is ordered to pay restitution, Chris Smith hires lawyer: Part 4

Lawyer Ernesto Aldover said he was working to secure Smith’s interests in the company Smith and Shin founded when he received an email saying Smith had sold his share.


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    Poor guy. He had a very nice hairy manpussy

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    They need to upload them all at the same time I am over here waiting like crazy 😜

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    Thinking it's not Chris on the boat..

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    I'm hitting refresh on their page like hurry up!!! 😬😧😳

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    Sooo sad.. What greed does to a person!! I rather be poor and humble than run with evil people.

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    I wish that I was able to Guess where Chris body is so sad how life can be even with money

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    It sucks, but did anyone actually talk to Chris on the phone??? Who let's people go with just emails?????

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    What a bunch of scumbags. The business fleecing already desperate people, the shady business owner and partners, the whole spiel. Low lifers getting rich on poor people. Yuck. He even has the audacity to compare his business model with google, as if that makes it all ok. He thinks everyone is stupid. Get a real job a**hole. Going church won't help you.

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    That 6:01pm email means Chris is gone… Dead.

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    Don't kill for money so that you could support your materialistic glutton! If you want something, work your arse hard to get them!

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    Went to church didn't find Jesus what a shame

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    Wow I know believe what they say about Chinese are fukin devious and malicious 😡

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    Ed had a punchable face before I realized he murdered his business partner. Now, I personally want to beat the living hell out of the smarmy little POS. He basically betrayed anyone and everyone that had anything to do with him. Throw away the key….

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    The Pat LaLama lady is completely unnecessary in this entire series. She's loud, she repeats only everything that's already established so far, and provides nothing of value to this story.

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