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Cutthroat Inc. l 20/20 l PART 2

How Ed Shin met the business partner he later swindled: Part 2

Joe Gray said he met Shin at Bible study and gave him a top job at his company. Gray said Shin then recommended he hire Chris Smith but before long, Gray noticed Shin lived beyond his means.


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  1. Avatar

    By the thumbnail, I already knew who cutthroat who!

  2. Avatar

    The vast majority of swindlers are Jews. Easily over 97%. Mainstream Media covering up as usual.

  3. Avatar

    All else fail. Talk to the playmate.

  4. Avatar

    Wait a minute, they're from church and developed a business that fooled people to gain money selling their private information?

  5. Avatar

    8:40…Another cliche China man who got in deep with the yahuza

  6. Avatar

    Well Ill never call any number off an ad ever.

  7. Avatar

    Since the first part I already knew he would be dead, since hearing his main communication method was emails. Logical red flags

  8. Avatar

    when you hear your business partner is a bonafide and active gambler……exit stage left

  9. Avatar

    they do bible studies so they can sell your information to the highest bider, very christiany…

  10. Avatar

    capitalism is blatantly out of control, the last of the earths wealth is being plundered.by scammers.

  11. Avatar

    I cant believe ABC is acting like that LG business isnt shady as hell. that ceo is a slimeball. I wish he had disappeared forever instead of Chris.

  12. Avatar

    If you can’t get in touch with your loved one and all you get is …emails? No phone call? It’s someone else. It’s not your loved one.

  13. Avatar

    didn't the family ask for pictures ??

  14. Avatar

    If my Mom receives an email from me saying “I’m picking up, leaving everything to live my best life” she will be calling the FBI, SWAT, 911, Obama, The Vatican, Puppy Rescue, Ghost Buster to look for me! That’s not normal at all!

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