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Cupp: Trump says he's doing better than in 2016. The bad news for him? He's not

CNN’s SE Cupp says President Donald Trump is focused on his favorite parts of being President and campaigning for 2020 rather than working to solve major issues facing the United States.
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    Trump is all about bull shitting! Stop listening to him would help you to keep your sanity. Trump is a very bad person who is neither worthy nor qualified as the president of the USA.

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    CNN (CorporateNaziNetwork) = The Chanel that brought you Trump, free of charge! Enable Obtuse Misinform and Gaslight

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    Did you hear that.??
    Over 100,000 people ask for tickets of a 20,000 seat venue.
    I remember in 2015 your polls had Hillary winning very state and Trump only getting a little on 100 of the 375 electoral votes he really got. Pssssh. Step aside CNN

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    Joe had less than 200 people show up to a 300 max venue.

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    News flash..that is your fucking ignorant opinion and not worth a crap…so stfu before you get shut up permanently…we don’t tolerate communist scum like you in this. Country

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    I thought Cupp was too smart to ever work at CNN, which is now as of today below HGTV in ratings. That should tell you something. More people are interested in vacuum cleaners than CNN. Maybe CNN should start pushing home products by their newspeople.

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    Keep trying to win the 2015 election. And using your old polling data.
    While Trump takes it in 20/20

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    He will report if the information is incorrect 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣, it makes perfect sense 👌

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    I heard these polls before. Are you not tired of lies, SE Cupp/CNN?

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    I wonder who is going to replace Sara, from Fox?

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    The question is how much money is russian gone put into our election in 2020 ?.

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    SE cupp is a bra size small edible but not desired

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    CNN just wishes they had 6.9m subscribersm. Those "findings" are fake news AA Cupp

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    The most dangerous person in the world is an imbecile who thinks he's a genius…#45 fits this description perfectly

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    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    "[THUG]Life doesn't work like that." XD

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    @4:00 So Conspiracy don’t apply to him like wtf you give don’t here wtf he just said wow

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    Put your legs on the tabe SE Cupp you did it for the old Fox News viewers for years.

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    Don't Republicans just love their logical fallacies? Ol' Kinzinger here trots out the 'No True Scotsman' in order to throw Amash under the bus. Very convincing.

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    Good news: Trump will go down as one of the best presidents EVER! Bad news: CNN will forever be #FakeNews

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    this is not a news channel… you attack and say lot of lies…. and also you choose political part…. YOU ARE NOT JURNALISTS….YOU ARE EMPLOYS OF YOUR BOSSES….

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    Remember the polls before the 2016 Presidential election? Remember how, trump had zero chance of winning, says most democrats and CNN…
    So what happened?
    And it’ll happen again.

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    For the American supernatural woman

    The invariable moral, to visual beauty when reality uses intelligence is visual beauty protecting the revelation that only visual beauty can use intelligence

    The structure, of visual beauty being the creator of reality doesn’t believe in the logic, that the master of evil is a symmetry anti being an evil sexuality

    The symmetry, between the Hollywood colour system’s magic status supporting the system’s pre-magic status and the master of evil’s abstract definition, can give reality the ability to observe the master of evil as a logical victim of visual beauty

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    I can't decide whether He's simply a liar, or if he's delusional as hell…so I'll give him credit for both.

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    He thinks the pilots are HIS. Oops! He just loves power to death. (2:35)

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    India is going to start imposing tariffs on goods imported from the USA. Brazil has a soybean trade agreement with China

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    More Deluded OPINIONS by a Liberal Media WEASEL! We the GOOD People of America know Full Well that the Corrupt Democratic Party of HATE, DIVISION, CRIME, SHAME, DISGRACE and DEATH will parade an Incompetent Liberal Political HACK who will go down in an embarrassing Landslide Defeat in the 2020 Presidential election. Intelligent Americans will once again Reject the Anti-American Agenda of Liberal Political SCUMBAGS, REPROBATES, HYPOCRITES, LIARS and THUGS. We are never going to allow our country to be Hijacked by Radical Leftest DEGENERATES. N-E-V-E-R!


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    oh dont worry WE THE ELECTORS will be there for him..were busy WORKING just now…stupidems

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    As an Australian looking on (like millions of others), I pray you remove the insane rule of trump & resort a person of true honour to rule as the “PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” 🇺🇸

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    Good news Cnn will continue layoffs Bad news Msnbc just started layoffs Good news Fox News will not hire fake news employees More good news unemployment lines are small (THANKS TRUMP)

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    In other good news, it is Not a crime to lie to the press or to gullible members of public.

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    Is this show pronounced “C cup?” … like… is that where we are?

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    CNN you sound like your against America! All you do this dog the president! Your hanging yourselfs! Start thinking positive things to talk about not one kind word for 2 years you said regarding the president! But your angles never do wrong. Don’t matter to me if trump or anyone else is president I like he’s shacking up all the lazy rip off people in office that’s been fucking and stealing money for years off your taxes dollars!

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