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Cupp calls out Republicans: What a load of crap

#CNN #News CNN’s SE Cupp hammers Republican lawmakers for continuing to support President Donald Trump despite his “vile rhetoric” against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and three other congresswomen of color.

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    Any moment now, we will start seeing book-burnings (burning Nikes was just practice).

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    In trumps sick mind the only true Americans are white. Anyone of color should just feel privileged that he lets them stay here. He's a sick fuck

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    Dictator in chief said "they can't talk about our country like that. NOT WHILE I'M THE PRESIDENT." That is a dictator.

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    "You cant talk that way about our country not as long as I am President " I dont think of a hero as someone who has been captured " I guess these are fake comments ?

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    Stupid bitch… His comment was not racist….. Liberal media only tells half of the tweet.. Tell us the rest of his tweet u fucking cunt!!!

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    Djt sets the terms all or nothing. Free Thought & disagreement Are Not Allowed in "His America".

    In djt's america his Supporters Must Be Reduced to Mimic Racists Zombie Parrots feeding off whatever djt's brain poop tweets out that morning. Like a sick Pied Piper. Follow🦜🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

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    People will say what they want and you can't do anything about it. This is a free country and you cannot change that.

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    Donny-boy is a nut case and so are his base and the Republicans.

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    Putin wrote an essay, bashing America. Trump AGREED with him.

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    Liberal socialists are so anti Trump, they have to trip all over themselves to criticize his logical answer to a question i.e, if you dont like it were you are; you should just leave. That would sound very sensible to most, and apply to most any situation in life. That is, to those of common sense. Where does that leave his attackers? Of couse, they have to twist his words . He did not tell them to leave . He did not say folk could not disagree with him. Nor did he refer to their skin color. This was the great chance to do him in, and they went for it. Sounds like more continual open season on the Chief Exec. Morally, sounds like good old deceit and ill will. Also wander if some of these, possibly good church people, heard about honor and respect for your leaders? Does seem like the older you get, the less common sense in the younger generation?

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    Democrats care more about illegal aliens than American children starving and homeless. How many have generations of family who've worked this land and built this country and nation we call America. How many of your children have reaped the benefits the Democrats and socialist want to give to illegal aliens and non Americans who's ancestors haven't sacrafice and or died to maintain our freedom in the USA. Be a role model son. Trump 2020. Hes killing you and to intelligent for many, for some of us we see the making of a Great America under a Great President. Love it or leave it. Please.

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    do you realize that cnn is the ultimate racist and bigot in my opinion ….they twist selective facts and ignore other facts in order to paint conservative as racist HISTORY WILL SHOW JUSTHOW BAD CNN REALLY WAS AND THE AMOUNT OF LIES SAID ON THIS NETWORK WILL FAR OUTWEIGHT ANYTHING THE PRESIDENT WILL EVER DO WRONG……i was democrat and cnn is the reason i will never vote dem again……and im not the only one …thank you cnn for exposing the true colors of the democrat party …..

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    The biggest con in political history isn't Trump = Republicans – the biggest con in US political history is the Republicans convincing their voters that they represent them!! Trump is just a part of that greater con!

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    Liberals are really brain dead. The higher u go the dumber they seem to be.Why do the have a problem with low minority unemployment and secure borders? Easy. They depend on failure to increase their power coupled with givivg. losers , criminals and stupid people free $ The only faction that is educated are wacky professors(many of them are pedophiles).

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    All negative trump comments are from YouTube robots not humans. Propaganda.

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    Trump 2020..

    I'm voting for trump again..

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    Hey Democrat News Network…how are the ratings ? 🤣🤣🤣

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    Just look at the things he said when he was campaigning

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    Didn't know till now Republicans were The White Nationalist Party. Now the world knows it too.

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    Well said. What‘s more disturbing than this joke of a president is how Republicans are willing to put up with this. It‘s disgusting.

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    Russia Russia Russia ??? Since that is gone. Got to find something else to whine about.

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    It’s sad day in America when you’re called a white nationalist or racist for loving your country. But this is what it’s come to, so sad to see so many “Americans” bash this country and those who support it whole heartedly. The left will destroy this country and completely erase its constitution and founding values.

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    meanwhile back in reality, we have the migrants trapped in these detention facilities sweating to death during this insane heat wave…
    everybody forgot why Trump and the dems were even arguing about and all we're talking about something that's been obvious since he came down the escalator and announced his candidacy…

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    I think we better start getting ready for a war with Iran now. I think Trump knows his days are numbered, so he needs a distraction or a diversion to take the attention off of his up coming legal issues in court. He is such a vile human being to preach racist rhetoric to his already racist base who I think are even more racist than he is, if that is at all possible. He is just saying what a large majority of white Americans thinks and feel about people of color. I think he McConnell will definitely try to start a war. What better way to get back at all Americans than to create a war so that we can send our sons and daughters of every race in America to go kill or be killed off of propaganda lies. Trump and most of those white evangelical minsters and that MAGA base of his are just pure evil people.

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    We were getting a great economy, more Jobs under the Scholar and Gentleman Obama…
    If you news people ran that fact everytime these racist try to hide behind tRUMP, they might have to face reality, and the public might recognize we had the good life without this racist P O S in the White House

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    Republicans ~racist party~ it’s who they really are. Enough is Enough. VOTE DEMOCRAT 2020🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

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    Republicans have no idea the firestorm of righteousness that is coming at them. They cheated and manipulated this idiot into the white house. 2020 is going to make2018 seem like a slap. What's coming is an epic asskicking. Bye morons.( and I'm talking to you fake evangelicals)

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    You bath in it DEMOCRATS you own it 🤣😂🤣😂🤣👌👍👍👍

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    Trump tells people to leave because they don't love this country. What did he do when he had a chance to serve & defend our country, claimed he had bone spurs.

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    GOD OVER CHRIST, CHRIST OVER MAN, MAN OVER WOMEN, WOMEN OVER CHILDREN….break this and you have the end of the world

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    Republicans have now become the party of racism. Plain and simple.

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    Everyone that don't kowtow to progressive ideals are racists.

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    What Trump and the quivering republicans don't understand is the majority of white people, think they are disgusting. They are trying desperately to get us to use our whiteness to jump on board with their disgusting hatefulness. Good people can not be bulsitted. Trump, you sorry dumb mother fucker, you lost the majority of white people, then the blacks, the Latinos, the women, etc. You are fucked, asshole.

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    The republican party has been rich, old, white men for as long as I can remember, this is nothing new. Rich white people fear change or anything different than them (I am middle class, white, middle aged). I can only hope the part of the country who aren't racist, ass-backward, uneducated country bumpkins come out and vote. The biggest statement that could be made is for Trump to get rolled by a huge margin in 2020. Then the world will know that, although we made a mistake, we are not as idiotic as we seem lately

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    If trump want to treat others Americans badly, then why is he still here ?!?!??

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