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Cuomo presses Yang on policy: Why doesn't that offend capitalism?

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang explains the logistics behind his “Freedom Dividend” — a plan to give American families $1,000 per month. #CNN #News

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    why should a company pay corp. tax when they have payroll tax? do the owners of the big companies pay personal income tax? what gives you the right to take money from someone without putting a gun to their head?
    businesses should employ people and pay them, those people should pay tax on their income, that is what is called capitalism and keeps people employed, stealing makes people angry.

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    I think YouTubers get paid from ads which is pretty much the same as the data stuff right?

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    Hello fro the World!! The 1000 Dollars free came from Switzerland. It was voted down.That Country is the one of the best run in the world !!

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    I don't see any reason to think Andrew Yang is intelligent except for a racist stereotype that all Asians are smart.

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    Yang Gang; Comment and like all Andrew Yang videos; Helps with the algorithm but most importantly tell you family members!!!!!

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    Are you kidding Mr. Yang? All well intended policy to combat US poverty but even the most liberal of Democrats don't want this kind income support going to the economic poor—especially the Afro American or Latino poor.

    Think again. Well – intended but impossible because Euro America will not support it.

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    nothing good with any of these so called democrat presidential nominees, all have socialism brain freeze and want to take everyone's money. don't think for one minute that these people care about you, they don't all they care about is themselves and are the true enemy of the people. TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND………….OH BY THE WAY SNOWFLAKES GO FUCK YOURSELVES……..

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    Berni and Andrew would be the 'dream team'.

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    Yang wants to invite everyone in the world in to America and than pay them. This is a good deal for any poor and homeless person world wide.

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    Fredo earned a like from me with this interview.

  11. Avatar

    He's a man sent from beyond. Let's support him!

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    OHHH Hell Yea i need 1000 dollars a month we have not gotten a raise since when??? , I need 1000 a month plz win ….win…win….

  13. Avatar

    Chris being cool with Yang??? I can't believe it! Maybe the rest will respect the 5th ranked candidate.

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    At this point it would actually be irresponsible not to vote for Yang…anyone that leaves 12k a year on the table is not being judicious with his money.

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    I love Yang but giving $1000 to 10 people won't show much, whats more important is what happens on the macro scale.

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    Yang just wants to make more welfare states he is not even American

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    Surprisingly great interview! This is what the average PEOPLE want! Not the corporate bias BS! Keep THIS up!

  18. Avatar

    No. Bernie Sanders 2020. Go home, Yang.

  19. Avatar

    Why are we listening to anything from Fredo? He's a corrupt asshole.

  20. Avatar

    How is these cnn people able to act a fool in public and still have a job? Makes no sense to me! Fredo needs to be fired

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    Pray that Trump moves to Tampa so that he can be struck by lightning.

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    Basic universal income was experimented in the Finland. Preliminary results have shown that level of employment remain relatively constant. On a positive note, test subjects reports fewer stress symptoms and better health conditions.

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    While you got terrible kamala just doing one thing and not presenting anything like can you not many older voters even women wont vote for a woman for president.

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    Yes Yes Yes. Mississippi Yang 2020

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