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Cuomo calls out what Lindsey Graham wore on Fox News

CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo blast President Donald Trump’s GOP allies for not criticizing the President for attacking the prosecutors that quit the Roger Stone case after top Justice Department officials undercut them and disavowed the government’s recommended sentence against Stone. #CNN #News

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    More people watched cartoons than these clowns

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    cnn cant catch a break with the down votes anymore. just fire that sexual deviant don lemon already.

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    These two have to be the most full of sht, arrogant, crybabies in all of cable news.

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    Fredo is 1 sleazy narsacitic shithead and uncle Tom LEMONHEAD ffs why is this outfit still on air?

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    No reason to not treat everything as a joke though right Democrats. I mean after all you know exactly what you're talkin about everything and you like to be well-read and all this & that. In the meantime let crystal ball go half dressed while running for office you got to be Fearless after all we can't slack off on this fearlessness the stakes are just far too high these days!!!!

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    Fredo and his racist boyfriend both still have sore arse over trump then.

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    Finely LEMON and BANANA back together talk their favorite topic -Trump

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    — This is a meat smoker Fredo! Lemon is a meat smoker too. Y’all bend over for ButtGigGig – F*ke this BS. Hypocrites. No equal justice under the law with Demonrats. Stone will be pardoned- no matter what- F*ke these meat smacking beotches- ain’t gonna do shite. We want you to do something! Here is the list of actual liars for real with no consequences. This is why ppl need to #WalkAway from the corrupt Dem Swamp. —- Clinton (Dossier), Clapper (Congress lies), Brennan (lied Senate). Lynch (lies), Holder, Mills, Lerner, Abedin, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Yates all lied in Court, to FBI, Congress or Senate – and NOTHING!!! Hypocrites with unequal application of justice. You want to put Stone, Manaford, Flynn in deep time! Stone no way gets 9 years for this. The usual sentence for Stone’s crime is about 1 year. Trump please PARDON just to start new Impeachment!!! Helps our party! If it pisses the commies off GOOD!

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    it won't be long CNN will be obsolete and these two dick heads will have to fined a new job if there not thrown in Guantanamo bay for treasonous slander 🤬🤣🤣🤣

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    Yeah stupid media and all of your stupid commercials also and I can only do this of obsessing over certain things e motorcycles or whatever and ople who look as phony as te day i long just these little bits of dipshitteryari all along the way tha ust makes everything doesn't it

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    Oh please Don Lemon Save The Day please whatever you do just save the day

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    Yeah you know what happened Democrats and that I would get a shit constantly by all you psychos within your party as well Mike Malloy and the rest who just got a fever heat for me and all of a sudden you start s*** with me and then I'm getting like 50 replies at all whose problem is that again I mean CNN and the rest get bashed enough and that you wamna come after me. I am never letting this go from either of you partys

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    Funny how there’s more dislikes than likes. Cuomo and Lemon have really made a fool of themselves

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    Once again we discover the managing juror in the Stone case lied about her bias and racial discrimination against white folk.
    Again, the communist Democrat party and Obama's FBI aka Hitler's SS Squad has been in power still during Trump's first term. American's van see who deep the swamp is to be drained. Why America will overwhelmingly Vote Trump in 2020.

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    You People Are The Ones Doing The Attacking Not Trump…Trump Is Just Doing His Job…The People On The Left Are The Ones Who Should Be Going To Jail Not Stone.

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    Almost double 👎 than 👍! What a joke

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    Fredo is now a fashion expert don lemon is pathetic racist.cnn well we all know how pathetic CNN is.

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    Cuomo check out the like and dislike you moron CNN dunny paper ratings going down the sewer you fools.

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    When will you have a liberal government again America?! LOL You'll have a dictator forever LOL Enjoy Americans LOL

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    Many cunts out here calling them “brown shirts”
    This guys who are commenting this are the same guys that go out protesting, destroy personal belongings and tries to shut down an individual who are exercising their freedom of speech and they indeed end up shutting down that individual
    Just like the real brown shirts did in the fascist Italy in the 1930’s-1940‘s
    Great job loony lefties you’ll just shoot your own hand with this comments….
    I never expect nothing from you all, however you will always disappoint me lefties

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