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CRYPTO Official Trailer (2019) Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth Movie HD

CRYPTO Official Trailer (2019) Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth Movie HD

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In this cyber-thriller starring Kurt Russell and Beau Knapp, a Wall Street banker connects a small-town art gallery to a global conspiracy, putting his own family in grave danger.

Music: Stellar Battle – Yohann Zveig

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  1. Avatar

    Ths is so beneath kurt russell…. For his sake, i hope its better then it looks for his sake, but it seems dumb…

  2. Avatar

    Dame though it was super dog😢

  3. Avatar

    Wow , the first movie about crypto and the f..kers know nothing about it, just like how news media brainwashed everyone thinking bitcoin is bad, while banks were buying it at bottom,

  4. Avatar

    0.17 the Master Artanis says ones he greated Unsc crypto for purposes. Coverment wanted to give everything free ..but risk on is steak. ..motivation old man.
    …I know that that's why I trade with the old Unknown Soldier from space coin.

  5. Avatar

    This is still good for Bitcoin. It gets the name out but holy shit its cheesy and bias

  6. Avatar

    wtf is this? dumbest movie I have ever seen

  7. Avatar

    fk the russian mafia. get u some

  8. Avatar

    HAHA I started laughing about half way through

  9. Avatar

    What a load of US dog shite propaganda.

  10. Avatar

    Also starring that black guy who's not in the credits. 😭😂😭😂

  11. Avatar

    Hmmmmmm……. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    it's a no!

    The writer has lack of knowledge in Cryptocurrencies.

  12. Avatar

    CryptoDaily better be in this I swear to god..

  13. Avatar

    As bad as this film can be, I bet it will backfire on whoever sponsored it with the intent of bashing cryptocurrency. People will see $10MIL accounts and dream that kind of money could be theirs. Same thing happened with "Social Network" and Facebook… it just exploded after the movie. I honestly hope this movie turns out to be a box office success and spread the word on cryptocurrency like wild fire. There's no such thing as bad advertising and everyone loves a bit of shady shit and easy money once in a while.

  14. Avatar

    Satoshi Nakamoto has left the group.

  15. Avatar

    …Let's just all save ourselfs from these kind of movies and go buy some crypto. ..

  16. Avatar

    lol of course the Russians are the villains. Cold War 2.0 is so fucking played-out already…

  17. Avatar

    If Kurt wasn’t in this I wouldn’t watch this

  18. Avatar

    straight to dvd. crap movie. if u need a nap, a great watch!!!

  19. Avatar

    I love hacking I can't wait till the hack us all back down to zero dollars

  20. Avatar

    Now they are trying to make crypto = Money Laundry & drugs & all that bullshit. If Hollywood is doing this (finally) it means that crypto is great & on the right path to destroy this slavery called " World Monetary System " governed by couple monkeys called the Rothschild.

  21. Avatar

    I thought this was about Crypto from Destroy All Humans smh Man I was disappointed.

  22. Avatar

    Vou ter que ver esse filme a vo
    Isso é so o começo

  23. Avatar

    This movie fucking sucked don't waste your time it's like they had a story it went to long so they ended it in the shittiest possible way the story was this movie sucks fuckyou

  24. Avatar

    So, they associated crypto with drug dealing, money laundering, murder and stuff….
    If thats the case, how did people do those before 2009?? I believe there were more cases of murder during the medieval ages…
    Another point I noticed… omg lol. Hackers are untraceable on transacting through a public ledger like Bitcoin, that too after using Bitcoin through Coinbase?? Ridiculous lol

  25. Avatar

    Cryptocurrency XRP is on the top 3 and they don’t mention it in this movie? The director must be a real idiot.

  26. Avatar

    Yeah, America doesn't make propaganda. (sarcasm)

  27. Avatar

    If kirt resel not a bad ass? i dont wana see it.

  28. Avatar

    Я русский, вы все врете. Мы все возмущены, мой медведь опечален, пьет водку, не играет на балалайке.

  29. Avatar

    Great documentary. Start Mining Bitcoin using your CPU with Crytotab @t

  30. Avatar

    At first instance I thought it's a Superman stuff cryptonite 🤯

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