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Cruz: Confirming Amy Coney Barrett will 'change history' | Livin' the Bream podcast

Livin’ the Bream podcast | Oct. 10, 2020
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  1. Avatar

    Yep having an activist religious kook in supreme court will change history

  2. Avatar

    It is not Ruth Badder Ginsberg's seat on the Supreme Court, but the seat on the Supreme Court that Ruth Badder Ginsberg occupied. There is a difference. She said packing the Supreme Court was bad when FDR tried to do it and it would be bad now. The President is President for 4 years, not 3 1/2 years. About one third of the Senate is up for election every two years, and Senators serve for 6 years, not 5 1/2 years. And as far as Abe is concerned, the Senate was not in session from early July until December 5th and Lincoln nominated Chase on Dec 6th and was confirmed promptly to put it mildly. I believe Ruth Badder Ginsberg is resting peacefully having believed in the law.

  3. Avatar

    Does the Senators book explain why the Supreme Court Judge Scalia had no autopsy from the coroner's office?

  4. Avatar

    Trump tweeted, "How can Ted Cruz be an Evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?"

  5. Avatar

    If Trump didn't appoint a Justice now, it would be the biggest injustice against everyone who voted for him in 2016!

  6. Avatar
    Krisztián Takács

    I would respectfully mention that no one can change history (as it has happened already). Though there were serious attempts in history to do just that, and last time they were the communists, who simply rewrote history in their history books. But most importantly, I probably missed the event when change became a virtue in the Republican conservative thinking. Since conservatism is simply against any change, the title would read correctly like that: Amy Coney Barrett will 'change history' back exactly as it was before.
    P.S.: Thing is, even if you are a Republican, you cannot always follow the inherent contradictions of your ideology since it is just impossible. Therefore your only chance to believe in it. And if you do, then it solves everything.

  7. Avatar

    Since when did the constitution protect people?

  8. Avatar

    Trump2020😂another great nominee by trump thanks SEN. Ted, Cruz we love your support😍😍😍😍😍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. Avatar

    Fire Wallace👺

  10. Avatar

    It sure will, we'll see how. Hopefully not the way Taney Court changed history, but it seems headed there.

  11. Avatar

    Liberal judges vote for liberal ideas. Conservative judges vote for what is right what is law and what is constitutional unbiased. God bless America God’s hand be on this election and nomination

  12. Avatar

    America will go further back in time. The government already in the dark ages with a king, family, friends, yes-men and creeps. Telling stories to a lot of people who believe what they want to hear. America's decline is going very rapid.

  13. Avatar

    Fill that seat 💺

  14. Avatar

    Joe Biden is made in China

  15. Avatar

    Trump 2020 2024

  16. Avatar

    Cruz for president 2024!

  17. Avatar

    dead eyed amy, she's gonna change history alright she's gonna turn back the clock 200 years and make women into property again, what a religious fanatic

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar
    marcella williams

    the good LORD GOD gave TRUMP the PRESIDENT USA WE WERE PRAYING BIG TIME 2016 and before.

  20. Avatar
    Juan Jose Garcia Romero

    Trump leader the patriot us defender

  21. Avatar

    and …
    KAMALA HARRIS said, "I support the rioters in Louisville, Kentucky." ~ KENTUCKY NEWS

    This was right after the Beonna verdict; susequently, 2 police officers were shot. KAMALA INCITES VIOLENCE … rioters, looters, arsonists, BLM and ANIFA.

  22. Avatar

    The hypocrisy is strong with this one

  23. Avatar
    Jeogenes Biongcog

    Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ,  the Cross, and all the instruments of His Passion, that Thou Mayest put division in the camp of Thy enemies.  Shine your Face on Your son President Trump, and bless him on his task to continue serving you through the presidential stewardship. Arise Oh Lord, and let them that hate You flee  from before Thy Face.  We ask this in Jesus’ name.

  24. Avatar

    "Pro-gun" and "pro-life" don't go together.

  25. Avatar

    Bro is a hobo the lesser of a man for history will make that clear. Like his act but a script and a seat warmer is all he is.

  26. Avatar

    Support Donald Trump!

    It's very important that Trump wins this November. Republicans MUST retain the Senate and gain a majority in the House, because how can Trump get PERMANENT legislation passed unless that happens? If he wins, this would be his last term. Executive Orders are not permanent.

    We need to be concerned about supporting Republicans. I understand not worrying about Republicans in name only (RINOS). But we STILL need to have a majority. Chief Justice Roberts might as well be a 'Progressive,' suspect they are blackmailing him. We need both the Senate and the House this year.

    PRAY. Talk to others. Make sure your friends WALK to the polls. We MUST undermine these mail-in votes that could be co-opted by election thieves.

    We need to DONATE. Senator Daines in Montana is not doing well yet. $5 or $10 is surely possible?

    Also: find a Representative you support and try to get them elected. Does NOT have to be in your district. The number, not the location is important. If a Progressive is a shoe-in, go to another Republican in another district.

    Please volunteer for phone calls or whatever you can do. Call the Rep and ask what they need!

    Sitting back and watching is NOT enough!

    If your Federal level Senators and Representatives are a total loss in your state – go to the State Senators and Representatives and Governors. We NEED them too!

    If you have a transportation problem, fight for your city alderman and the county board and the education system. These people build the communities that support the higher levels. HELP!!!

  27. Avatar
    Unimagined Unimagined

    @t If they put her on the court she will be the queen of bigots stealing our healthcare we might as well go dump the ashes of our plague dead on the whitehouse lawn.

  28. Avatar

    "Diversity and Inclusion" is all so fantastic – rah rah – unless its a Catholic that doesn't beleive in abortion and euthenasia….

  29. Avatar

    we pray for a free and fair election. Lord in the name of Jesus we ask that you stop all voter fraud in its tracks. bring the plans of the wicked to naught.Sorry Joe we will never bow to the radical left.. We pray for the lost souls who seek to inflict this evil on their people.. all liars and false accusers will have their part in the lake of fire. I pray you repent today and give your life to Jesus. Eternity is coming. There may not be justice in this life but there will be guaranteed justice in the next.

  30. Avatar

    Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He doesn't even have a US birth certificate. Out of all the People in Texas, they pick a Canadian. Most of you people are broke and begging for money and food. You make me sick and you sure as hell are not conservatives!

  31. Avatar

    John Roberts is a national disgrace.

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