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Critics blast NBC's Biden town hall

Howard Kurtz, ‘Media Buzz’ host, on the backlash Biden is facing following his town hall.

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  1. Avatar
    Biden For Hospice 2020

    Biden Looks Like Fire Marshal Bill.

  2. Avatar

    the Socialist Democrats and the Socialist Democrat controlled media, are doing everything they can to help Biden gently glide into the Presidency, like helping an old man carefully into a nice warm bath.

  3. Avatar

    NBC reporters loyally are Creepy Joe Biden’s toilet tissue n., always happily together enjoy good time in bathroom town hall of shame!😂🤮

  4. Avatar

    Biden is a joke..
    NBC is also a joke..

  5. Avatar

    Bidens townhalls are make believe events,,,,Nothing real all staged for unreality TV,,,,,can anyone out there tell me what Bidens platform is and what they learned from this Townhall event???

  6. Avatar
    Peanuts McGonnagle

    Lester Holt, The Token NBC anchor, is just another fraud and spokesperson for the DNC. Every time he's ever interviewed President Trump, he was very contentious. So it's no surprise that he gives The Gaffe Master a free pass.

  7. Avatar

    Just proves you are watching a scripted show. The media is just a sitcom.

  8. Avatar

    I don’t know why Joe Biden even bothers doing these lame rallies, The people have already made up there mind. What Biden needs at this point is to steal votes from Trump and we all know Biden doesn’t have it in him

  9. Avatar

    Lester Hoax tosses softballs underhand to the demented old fellow…not very impressive fake news.

  10. Avatar

    They should have asked Biden about his mentor Robert Byrd.

  11. Avatar

    By “critics” Fox means people who get paid by the Trump campaign.

  12. Avatar

    Not softball questions, puff-ball questions.

  13. Avatar

    Howard Kurtz is a hack! You dont have to dig down hard in the Democrats pockets to find Kurtz!!

  14. Avatar

    BS. Biden's lead in betting just increased.

  15. Avatar

    Politics and Politicians, at least he was not as trashy as Trump

  16. Avatar

    Faux News. Faker than MSM. Biden's increased his lead again today.

  17. Avatar

    Maybe it's not Joe Biden, maybe it was Lester Holt diminished and this is best he can do now , poor Lester.

  18. Avatar

    Fact Checked Brick Hard Numbers do not lie!
    Trump’s ‘ Badge of Honor; (American Carnage):
    – Over 214,000 Americans killed, and going. ( Over 7.6 million infected)
    – 0ver 62 million claims for Unemployment benefits
    – Unemployment rate – over 13%
    – Economic collapse
    – Ballooning National Debt(added $ 3.3 trillions + in 2020)
    1. Worst unemployment since the Great Depression ( 31 Million unemployed)
    2. Worst widespread civil unrest since Dr King's assassination
    3. Worst pandemic since 1918
    4. Over 22,000 lies,and accelerating( Avg. 17 lies daily since inauguration)
    5. Over 5,000 obscenities,swearings,profanities, and vulgarities
    6. Worst ever contraction of economy in HISTORY. GDP down by 32.9% annualized., second Qt 2020
    7. 279 days Golfing at his own commercial properties ( 1 out of every 5 days in office)
    – Cost to tax-payers : 141 + Million dollars, much going into his own pockets
    8. A poster-boy for 7 Deadly Sins,and revels in breaking all Ten Commandments.(AKA Evangelical Jesus)
    9. 40 Million families on the verge of Eviction.
    As Sep. 25, more than 29 million Americans were collecting some form of unemployment insurance. That figure was up more than 2 million from the previous week.
    Trump's Trade War Will Cost Average Family $1,277 This Year, Budget Office Reveals

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