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Crime Beat: Who killed Kelly Cook, the back-up babysitter? | S2 E1

In 1981, Kelly Cook took a job to babysit for someone named Bill Christensen. The 15-year old girl was never seen alive again. Her body was found two months after in an irrigation canal in southern Alberta.

Nearly 40 years later, her murder remains unsolved. What most people don’t know is that Kelly was not the killer’s first choice. She was the “backup babysitter.”

This episode includes an exclusive interview with the original target of “Bill Christensen”. It’s the first time she’s ever spoken to a journalist.

Welcome to Season 2 of Crime Beat with Nancy Hixt. Full episodes will go live on YouTube every Saturday @ 12pm ET.

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  1. Avatar

    It was the primary babysitter.

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    All remote viewer should be on this to help the crime solve .

  3. Avatar

    So very sad. Thank you for posting this, praying that someone knows something to lead to the killer. Can’t imagine what the family has been through!!

  4. Avatar

    So many questions. How did he know about the 1st girl? Somebody knows something and they may not realize it.

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    Christopher Rodmell

    I’ve seen heaps of cases over in America where time doesn’t care about how much you search for a suspect, the case goes cold and the suspect still hasn’t been found, I know of ones where this guy has been on the loose for decades and the police really confident he’s not dead and they want to get this guy

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    DNA update on clothing, they need to find out who purchased ropes and cinder blocks in Standard or towns closer to Standard. They need to see about fingerprints off that old telephone he apparently made the call from and they also need to consider that Mr. Bill Christensen could actually have been the store owner who loaned him the telephone in the first place seeing he was the only eye witness. Find out if the owner of the store or gas station had purchased rope or owned rope or cinder blocks leading up to the murder.

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