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Covid tier system in England has confused the messaging, says police chief

Assistant chief constable Owen Weatherill said during a home affairs committee meeting that England’s three-tier system of coronavirus regulations was confusing and, as a result, difficult for police to implement.
In response, the minister for crime and policing, Kit Malthouse, has said it is important that people inform themselves about restrictions in their areas
UK Covid breaches ‘like antisocial behaviour’, police chief says

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    If there's a way Pinocchio can balls it up he will.

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    There's a very easy way to prove that there's an agenda here, just get a home testing kit and test anything (even fresh air) send the test off and post results to social media. This is what journalists should be doing but there aren't any left.

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    It seems pretty obvious after months of this madness, that confusion and disunity is what they want.

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    At first I thought people were just picking holes in the regulations but I've come to the conclusion that people are just thick.

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    so if you do not have access to the internet, how do you inform yourself?

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