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Covid pitting nation against nation in UK

Politicians across the country are arguing over the extent and severity of any new coronavirus rules. (Subscribe:

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Boris Johnson said putting more areas in the north of England into the very high tier of restrictions would avoid the “misery of another national lockdown”. But Greater Manchester’s Mayor said those plans are fundamentally flawed.

Meanwhile, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer said a tougher national circuit break for England was now the only solution.

In the last 24 hours, there have been 19,724 new cases of Covid diagnosed in the UK and 137 deaths confirmed in that time. The total number of deaths so far from Covid is 43,155.

We spoke to Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford, Conservative MP for Bolton West Chris Green, and SAGE scientist Professor Graham Medley.


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  1. Avatar

    Funny to watch these UK news programs and see the same brexiteer people who hailed Boris as essentially a saviour now condemning him as a traitor

  2. Avatar

    is the cross in the background on purpose?

  3. Avatar

    Can I drive to Conway Castle to test my eyes?

  4. Avatar
    Christian O. Holz

    Great presentation and analysis by these reporters

  5. Avatar

    Too many chefs in the kitchen! What is being served? God knows…

  6. Avatar

    Its like the tories want a civil war or something….

  7. Avatar

    Hold on, this seems all too familiar… Brexit.

  8. Avatar

    The UK is a mess

  9. Avatar
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    👉All you had to do from day one was wearing your mask respecting distancing and you would had 💰economy intact 🐰

  10. Avatar

    'Casedemic' URGENT UPDATE: Societal Damage from Bad Science. Why are they doing this? https://youtu.be/LrRijSa8494

  11. Avatar

    Well done everyone you all voted for Boris Johnson.

  12. Avatar

    I live in Western Australia. We closed our borders to the rest of the country months back. We live a regular life while covid affects the east coast which has restrictions. I say to Wales close your borders completely. It's easier to contact trace your own cases while lifting your own restrictions as you get down to zero cases.

  13. Avatar

    In the 2008 crash we gave them 40 trillion to stay open, now they are coming back for all of it. Before the BANKSTERS bring in their new system, they must first destroy the old. Who is big enough to make most country's and media do their bidding? 78 country's are in debt to the IMF, which the four biggest banks run. Think this is just tin hat stuff? Watch this.


  14. Avatar

    Go to 2:20 to see Ena Sharples

  15. Avatar

    Under the leadership of the eternal president of the failed to the top club, Britain's become an absolute omnishambles.

  16. Avatar

    You look after the elderly and vulnerable and THAT'S IT.
    The rest of the population ..
    Show some GUTS and stop acting like 3 YEAR OLDS AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD VIRUS.
    "FEAR" … The only four letter word that should offend you.

  17. Avatar

    No, covid is not responsible.

    Governments are.

  18. Avatar

    It's only a little circuit breaker…..

    Only a couple of weeks….

    Only to flatten the curve….

    Only to save the NHS….


    Only until Christmas….

    Only until March.

    Only until the vaccine….

    Only a little jab….

    Only a little side effect….

  19. Avatar

    In Asian countries and Germany, Covid is dealt with as an epidemic that needs to be contained and put under control, while in some country, where the great majority of the people are not used to speaking German, French or any Asian languages, Covid is used by top state head as a tool to exhibit how politicians' stupidity could be maximised to infinity. 😂🤐😐

  20. Avatar

    Can tell you right now, a very small percentage of people in my area of merseyside are following the new rules. Collectively we are not having it!!!

  21. Avatar

    One has to wonder if the positive (covid flu cases) numbers have went up since the perfidious flu vaccinators have been out on the warpath!? Any increase in infections ie colds/flu in care homes since the poison distribution!? Just asking and would be good to know if any information was collected etc!?!?

  22. Avatar

    As i don't live anywhere near a Mosque or a University then i will be ok

  23. Avatar

    It's not the virus that divides the UK, it's the reckless and incompetent WM policy. Johnson and his EtonMess running the UK down.

  24. Avatar

    XD let it rip

  25. Avatar

    hey where is the human rights in the UK, some people don't care about being infected and even die from covid. why the government deprive their basic human rights? 😉

  26. Avatar

    Straight to the comments to hear what the real experts think

  27. Avatar

    Would dream of visiting Wales

  28. Avatar

    It will be flu deaths rising this time of the year, not covid

  29. Avatar

    Wales is closed now F off

  30. Avatar

    I waited 30mins for my uber eat delivery till the driver delivered it to the wrong address and I ordered the same order again but the restaurant cancelled it so now I'm having pot noodles from a patrol station. Not a happy bunny.

  31. Avatar

    Don't distroy the economy. What is the point if the country get into too much debt to survive. It will go bankrupt or the young will have to pay until they die.

  32. Avatar

    The union is finished, Yes for Scottish independence now at 58%

  33. Avatar

    The UK is made up of four nations, that have come together to form a country. Each has particular and specific powers. That has to be recognised and respected. It's not a big ask. Parking and planning rules vary from county to county, borough to borough. So it's not that difficult to understand. Limiting travel is an important part of a containment and prevention strategy, so although this has an impact, is really not difficult to understand.

  34. Avatar

    Lefties love telling everyone this is how it is-when it isn’t.

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