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COVID deaths of Native Americans linked to limited access to resources and healthcare | USA TODAY

COVID-19 ravages Indigenous N.M. communities.
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COVID ravaged McKinley County, where roughly 74% of the population is non-Hispanic Native American — mostly Navajo and Zuni — and access to resources is scarce.

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  1. Avatar

    More propaganda trash no one wants

  2. Avatar
    Deborah Livingston

    We owe these people!!! It is outrageous how they have been abused and disabled, destroyed, by American citizens. I just am outraged about the blatant injustice in this country!!!!

  3. Avatar

    We get free healthcare. We also got 2 more covid checks than ever one else

  4. Avatar

    Wait a minute. Aren't you stealing BLM limelight? The virus is targeting the black community not you. If you don't watch it the BLM will start "protesting" on your native land. Please take care of them for us since our government won't do crap.

  5. Avatar

    My heart is there with you all. I am only one Mountain girl in this world, but I send you hope, I send you prayers. I send my Love to each and every one suffering today.
    Thank you helpers. Spirit works through us. Don't ever forget that. Much Love from the Mountain. 🙏💜⛰️

  6. Avatar
    damnatio memoriae

    Cut back on the fire-water

  7. Avatar

    Don’t these people know or weren’t they ever taught (in elementary school) that
    “the Indians” were for sure “disease free” until “the White Man deliberately threw it on them” ???

    And, I’m a white 👨 man !!!

  8. Avatar

    A LOAD OF CRAP. Everyone has the right to the Hospital ..

  9. Avatar

    Bunch of drunks smoking peyote.

  10. Avatar

    Been there every year for a month the last 30 years for a research project at Chaco. Lived there for 3 years.

    This story is such bullshit and those two women on the couch are LYING.

    If someone at the store was disrespectful it was likely a Latino not a white. The store they are talking about is a CHAIN GROCERY STORE so there goes the we only got c-stores lie.

    All the horrible tales of poverty can be laid at the feet of drugs and alcohol.

    Give me a basic monthly income (TERO) and I can assure you I wouldn't live like that.

    Gallup is like any other small town. Don't fall for this muh racisms crap.

  11. Avatar

    That’s what happens when you run your communities like communists. The elders get all the money and distribute it as they see fit.

  12. Avatar

    Lie make shit up’.

  13. Avatar

    So move off the reservation if you don’t like it!!

  14. Avatar

    Maybe they should wear masks

  15. Avatar

    You ever think the get pissed of this racist inciting garbage news?

  16. Avatar

    Why are they not driving water out to them. From any new towns.

  17. Avatar

    What jerk would say that????
    I want to have words with them in they need to learn how to be better humans!!!!

  18. Avatar

    What is wrong with near by towns driving food out to them.

  19. Avatar

    bs, the indians around here are rich from the casinos…

  20. Avatar

    I'm so sorry All lives matter. You have no ability to stay connected with now phones or electricity

  21. Avatar

    Turn off the news. Then covid goes away.

  22. Avatar

    You're too late. Vice covered this story months ago. Typical mainstream media smh

  23. Avatar

    Don't look here for information about Biden's BIG TROUBLE 😂 Hunter's incarcerated buddies are singing and early voters want their ballot back 🤔

  24. Avatar

    Native Indian is lost tribes of Israel ❤️👍🇺🇸🇮🇱 Israel love ❤️ Cheyenne Cherokee and native is the time to move to Israel

  25. Avatar

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen.

  26. Avatar
    Melissa Slaughter

    Be sure to wash your hands and your brains…

  27. Avatar

    probably just vitamin D deficient but sure.

  28. Avatar

    … Like covid exposing every existing problem in America !

  29. Avatar

    Who cares about the Indians. Just keep sending them blankets and firewater. Lol

  30. Avatar

    Covid blankets

  31. Avatar

    ⚾🏈🏀🛑 Gaming.

  32. Avatar
    Iprospect Iprospect

    Clean the air with a fan & air filter in your 🏡, buildings & restaurants. I do clean the air in my home. This helps from catching corona virus. Look at my video.

  33. Avatar

    What's new the Native Americans I've been abused since Columbus in the Spanish came to my country I'm Native American and the natives have been treated horrible but this is our land and it was taken from us all tribes and we will get it back the Creator will see to that

  34. Avatar

    Come on people donate donate donate!!! My husband and I are so blessed because we have

  35. Avatar

    USA Today hates Trump

  36. Avatar

    Vote blue, America needs you

  37. Avatar
    Joseph Christenson

    I dont know where everyone stands in terms of this pandemic, but you cannot blame Trump for the US covid deaths and call him a mass murderer for it.

  38. Avatar

    Indigenous to where? They migrated via a land bridge from Asia long, long ago. We're all native to Africa. There is one race. The human race. If the reservation is that bad… leave. This isn't a fascist or communist country. You're free.

  39. Avatar

    It’s a Democrat run state. Blue has forgotten them and taken their votes for granted. The racism from the left against native Americans is disgraceful.

  40. Avatar

    Yea, bc the media doesn't divide us enough already.

  41. Avatar
    Lito Fredo Official

    We Love You Native Americans❗💯❤🌎🙏🏼 The True first Americans… before Christopher Columbus

  42. Avatar
    Lito Fredo Official

    I believe they were targeted.. not the first time they were targeted with diseases… i hate what they've done 😥🙏🏼🌎❤

  43. Avatar

    2020 still reservations!

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