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COVID-19 update: Trudeau, officials address Canadians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new Rapid Housing Initiative, which includes the creation of up to 3,000 new homes for Canadians.

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  1. Avatar

    I wish we had real journalists in this country and not state sponsored media.

  2. Avatar

    When will you guys stop printing money?

  3. Avatar

    Communism will cure Covid19!

  4. Avatar

    flu deaths aren't even being properly counted – average 40,000 per year I think the last count for 2020 is around 10,000? Heat attacks are being counted as CV deaths?

  5. Avatar

    Do not get the app

  6. Avatar

    I need to download the covid alert app over 4.8 million times before it will work?

  7. Avatar

    No laughing matter we have to worked together to make it happen

  8. Avatar

    I want the US to invade

  9. Avatar

    BC just elected the NDP, Canadians want nothing to do with the blatant racism and White Supremacy of Trumpism and far right Americans.

  10. Avatar

    3k new homes or is he referring to the isolation camps?

  11. Avatar

    something is fishy here. there are currently thousands of condos unsold on the market on top of the many many house as well. so what will 3000 more do for anyone especially when most can not afford to purchase these? is this some type of private business endeavor so to launder some funds? who will the contractors be and what is their relationship with the leader and his affiliate associates? … that nation needs no more housing…instead, like with every sector (from nourishment to utilities to basic life necessities) focus on lowering the prices and costs. allow people whom are being represented by the system to be able to own their home in at max 10 years…cut down on the cost of maintaining the household too….and once the finances have diminished anxiety, depression, inhumanity, mental illness (due to the concern for not being able to live as a civilized person) then all will be well. people will be happier, more relaxed, more pleased with their leadership, more dedicated to the national cause, more inspiring to provide and achieve, and ultimately more proud to be called canadian.

  12. Avatar

    How can he be worried about seniors, they are all locked up. How can you trust anything he says

  13. Avatar

    Oh no here we go again…more tax dollars wasted and someone's family member made a killing on the backs of our tax dollars…since when did the liberals become this corrupt and two faced?

  14. Avatar

    How can anyone still believe this fool. Smh.

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    the dysfunction and discrepancy is so great within the system that at the same time and moment for hose who have (select few and privileged) it is seen as heaven on earth while for them masses who have not (the subjects) it is perceived as hell instead. the paradox is so complex in its simplicity. so pure and beautiful in its immorality. so wonderfully maintained in actuality. utter brilliance. two opposing yet similar forces at work in one single instant. and yet, despite all and everything….nothing is allowed to change ever. such sorrow to the heart and mind of human civilization. we will care for you by building 3000 house, while you need to be grateful to us by being eternally financially indebted as is your purpose – as per the collective agreement of that most wise and ancient system known as the indenture servitude in absolute total perpetuity and conformity.

  17. Avatar

    BS / BS / BS !

  18. Avatar

    Those houses are going to all the immigrants I bet. its not like Canada cares about the people that were born here !

  19. Avatar

    Amazing how Covid has cured the flu worldwide. Flu deaths have miraculously dropped 98%!

    And don't forget to wear your masks so you can increase your chances of Bacterial Pneumonia!!

  20. Avatar
    Jacqueline Spencer

    Awe he wants to know if COVID is going to be here for ever… we adults are here to say listen to dad the chips don't fall far from the block, like father like son smart child👑 royals we hope you had an enjoyable birthday 🎂🍁🍁❤️💕💕💭💕💕❤️🍁6🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️

  21. Avatar

    This from the TRILLION DOLLAR MAN !!! Amazing how The Labeller Party of Canada can create an issue either via direct action such as the destruction of our Resource Industries or via inaction as Lustin' demonstrated when he allowed THOUSANDS of WuFlu carriers back into Canada without adequate precautions. And then THE PARTY, as it will soon be known. 'solves' the issue via Hundreds of BILLIONS of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. To me the greatest mystery is whop would loan Canada anything in the way of money given where Lustin' and his buddy Gerald Butts are driving this country ???

  22. Avatar

    “Vaccines on the horizon…”

    No thanks

  23. Avatar

    3000 homes for Ontario immigration. Fixed it for you.

  24. Avatar

    Good start 👍

  25. Avatar

    Prime Minister Zoolander doesn't understand the concept of investment. Maybe this will help Justy… when one of your many servants buys you a new pair of socks, that's expenditure… I know it's confusing because you can expense those new socks, but your new socks will never provide a return… and the capital used to purchase your socks was not produced by you.

  26. Avatar

    3000 tents in a campground?

  27. Avatar

    A pittance. There were like 6000 ppl evicted in the GTA already. But maybe there would be more money if they allowed any oversight into their flagrant spending.

  28. Avatar

    better not be for immigrants while im just shy of being homeless, paid tax for 45 years

  29. Avatar
    Շђє ᗠэνɨɭ

    Canada is one of the most livable countries on Earth. People are starving and wars are raging in 3rd world countries and this comment section is complaining that the money for 3000 homes that are being built for people should have went towards making their already "better than most" others' lives better…

  30. Avatar

    Being a new widow and finding my way through paperwork, I need rental accomodation all inclusive and pet friendly , I have a disability that requires proper access within my two bedroom apartment/ house . I am only one of many that needs this help and I ask for your help , sincerely yours Jean .

  31. Avatar

    No pandemic, less deaths than before. Much more going on behind the scenes.

  32. Avatar

    He makes me cringe. Not a sincere bone in his body.

  33. Avatar

    We need to get rid of this socialist corrupt man.

  34. Avatar

    Thank god Canada has a government that believes in science and listens to it's scientific experts. Canada will get through this. Canada does indeed have leaders in parliament who actually care about them. Canadian democracy and government works, as flaw as it may be, it works and it can improve. Canada is doing way better than the US, with way less money and less man power. Canada just has to stay positive, lose the cynicism, stop believing heretics online and listen to their health professionals. Most of all, Canadians need to lean on each other, support each other and believe in one another.

  35. Avatar
    Speaker For The Dead

    3000 homes is covers approximately 1% of homeless – this should have gone to affordable (ie to welfair/disability <$1k/mo) 1 bedroom apartments

  36. Avatar

    RUN Canadians!!! CAMPS are coming your way!

  37. Avatar

    Now will these homes be used for our homeless or veterans who are struggling to survive or are these homes for the Muslims that you brought into the country that are now making a million babies and taking away from Canadian Citizens.?

  38. Avatar

    Listen: The coronavirus will not go away, till people will turn their hearts to God. we need to know that God is on the throne. You need to read Psalm 91.

  39. Avatar

    Why did you raise the carbon tax during a pandemic? Why is No one talking about this? Who in their right mind raises taxes during a crisis…
    And in regards to housing, who gets these? The most vulnerable from other countries or from Canada?

  40. Avatar

    “Every nation has the government it deserves”-Joseph de Maistre

  41. Avatar

    Lmfao and one of their supposed 70 unit apartment buildings in nanaimo is actually a chinese cemetary 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Avatar

    May Allah bless you my leader.

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