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Covid-19 Treatment Hopes, Aerospace Survival Plans | WSJ

Regulators weigh greenlighting the emergency use of a Gilead drug, Boeing and Airbus plan to cut thousands of jobs, and Elon Musk rails against lockdown measures. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday has the latest on the pandemic. Photo: Associated Press

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    Well done!!!!

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    The Propaganda Continues. Get out of US assets. Reject the Vaccine. Prosecute those who have willingly misinformed the public. #londonrealarmy

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    Tesla builds plant in California. Tesla unhappy about over reaching regulation.

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    Pentium Penguin & Pigeon

    False vaccine, fake free country! This virus will be gone in 2 months, but clearly they want to make it seems more serious that after being downplayed in the beginning than it really is NOW!!

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    Umberto Fournier

    These videos are great!

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    It is not always about your rights. You can be dead right. Then you can kill many more of the rest of us.

    Agolf twitler is a treasonous lying hypocrite for not being patriotic enough to release his tax returns and prove to the American citizenry that he is working for us and not Putin. Remember this; Agolf twitler does not trust YOU enough to release his tax returns.

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    Taking no vaccines when more people die from fast food, the normal flue and other dieseases lol

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