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COVID-19 spreads rapidly in northern England

COVID-19 appears to be spreading wildly in northern England.
Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester have seen steep rises in cases, mainly clustered around universities.
Now hospital admissions are starting to rise, too.
While the government in London is threatening tighter controls of pubs and restaurants, leaders in those northern cities have their own ideas.
Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Oldham in Greater Manchester.

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    Homesick Pilgrim

    Totally disgusting talk about intrusion invasion and Saturday nobody stick anything up my freaking knows how gonna be is this mandatory oh my God the end is near they want to destroy all of us so bad psychopath psychopath perverts run this world my God

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    Islam is like corona

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    abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim

    Lesson learnt

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    Corrienne Wynne Strong

    Some say it's an invasion of privacy ..
    But better this than not knowing if you could possibly be a Spreader if you're going out ..!

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    Fake covid 19 spreads through England should be the headline. The tests are bs and more like a lottery.

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    Buuuu al jazeera

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    This is foolishness coming to people's house for testing doesn't make sense? they are looking for news! just to fear peoples!!!
    Fake COVID

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