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COVID-19 rips through Georgia sleepaway camp

More than 250 campers and staff members tested positive for COVID-19 at the YMCA-run High Harbour Camp, according to the CDC.

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    Welcome to the camp, we all know why you're here… My name is Covid, and you became aware this year..

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    Wonder how many of these were "asymtomatic"????
    Or simply counted as such…

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    Erica the Magnificent!

    Look at the family photos, this woman is clearly hung up on herself and her children and mere accessories; they aren't the prominent faces in the photos And she gives the ridiculous duck/Instagram pose.

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    you reap what you sow trump

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    Real American Patriots (or their families) dont mask up this hoax virus is too only scare you! Its made up by the MSM, Deep State, and the Liberal democrats to prevent eh silent majority from voting in November. Remember to stand in the doorway of an emergency hospital without a mask and suck in all that air. Go ahead I'll wait right here!

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    Trump is willing to sacrifice the lives of other kids except his own. Baron Trump won’t even step foot into a school come September.

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    I am so, so, so, so, shocked!

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    Vote out the Stupid. #DownWithDonald

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    It's just logic. The reason young children transmit the covid less is because they are shorter. The particulates they breathe out will float down to the ground with less chance of infecting the taller people around them. This will not be the case when they get back to school where more people will be around their height

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    If all were NEGATIVE how did it get brought in? I mean that doesn't really make sense. Also the Dr. bashing the camp saying they did not do it right wait they tested all were masks I mean… idk. I think it means they did it all right and it still did not work so.. it's a fail but I must be missing the blame game helped how?

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    0:45 what we wanna do is show you the things WE wanna do so we can do what we DO when we do wanna

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    So you're saying it went VIRAL. Looks like standardized academic testing made Americans really stoopid on science, based on our measurable results of course.

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    PhoenixYT Gaming

    To everyone who reads this I hope your having a good day and stay safe❤🖤

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    All one has to do is look at the numbers that are involved in covid-19.

    Everyone knows not only in this country, but across the whole planet, that Donald Trump is responsible, personally for the deaths of over a hundred thousand Americans.

    This is an American atrocity, and are crimes against humanity.

    Donald Trump, his administration, and the republican senate, all of whom aided and abetted in their crimes, need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

    Their negligence and incompetence is Criminal. The evidence is as clear as the nose on your face.

    Where is the ACLU? Where is the United Nations? Why aren't our allies calling for the prosecution for crimes against humanity against Donald Trump? Where is the American free press? Why aren't they calling for his prosecution for crimes against humanity?

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    Why do u guys insist on pushing this covid sh**… abc this is fake… im saddened by u

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    Talk about bad parenting, take some accountability for your children and yourself…

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    Overall, the CDC estimates that 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the flu. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year.

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    Ânyà Štár ✨

    IDIOT PARENTS! If they die, their blood is in your hands. Tsk. 😒

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    Checking temperatures doesn’t mean someone does not have the virus. They may of just got it or just show no symptoms so no wonder it happened but want to send our kids back to school lord help us all!!! Everyone please stay safe and wear masks and eye protection

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    Look lady, there are more people who believe in 'Q, ' than believe in science. We're in the middle of a raging klandemic. The science will have to sort this out.

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    I just dont get . why? Now I say let them . The rest with that attitude will learn . ( hopefully). For those who want to stay safe will do so .

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    Mostlikely happened from sleeping arrangements. Everyone in a room sleeping and breathing into the room .

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    *Omniscient* * Observator*

    VIRUS, what VIRUS??🙊🙉🙈

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    Once school is open for a month it will be the biggest jump in cases so far. Its like our government is insane.

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    Stop trying to delete my comments.. this is fake

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    Unfortunately, children seldom get the chance to pick their parents.

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    Different People

    Where's the complaints about cOnSeRvAtIvE government? Allowing this, passively? Thanks, Obama! 😅😂

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    Theeraphat Sunthornwit

    Kids are hard to die from this…old teacher will die 😧

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    I already investigated it… kids were not infected… imean they want kids to go to school but not swimming… cmon abc u can make better fake news than this cant u? This sounds like BS from the begining… FAKE NEWS… and stop deleting my comments just because this is fake and so badly put together… what a sh**ty job abc… very messy…

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    I do not trust TantrumYam with the health & safety of my children.

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    Schools open
    COVID-19 happy.
    Very simple so that all will understand.

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    The mother featured on here doesn’t seem too concerned. Or perhaps it’s her plastic face.

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    It is not six it is 18 feet distance when physical exercise or singing, and watch your windage. ….proven it floats upto that far when say singing….Talking loudly or alot….increased breathing increased distance….gyms, church, schools not indoors. No public consumption of alchohol. Give full access online/wifi for at home school….costs less than in person and 90% safer till we have a proven vaccine. You are skipping The fact that those countries that reopen have reached phases 4 and 5 we have not clearly passed stage one anywhere in usa!
    and keep us all safe in the name of God. Supply laptops and wifi for universal at home learning until vaccine. …not even aware of full spectrum….you cannot tell who will suffer…save someone else. You have the freedom to pursue happiness and freedom but not at expense of another's safety and happiness that us America.

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    Please sit down!! Everyone Stop! 😷👀 We cannot do what we want…. Suck it up stay home!

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    But did anybody die 🤔

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    why in god's name would you send your kids to mingle with a bunch of others you don't have any concrete details about during times like these?

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