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COVID-19: Restrictions tighten further in Europe amid second wave of infections

The World Health Organization has warned that intensive care units in some European cities could reach maximum capacity in the coming weeks if infections keep rising.


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  1. Avatar

    More bs. No consent. No lockdowns. No mask.

  2. Avatar

    🚩Wake up and smell the BS! Communism doesn’t cure the communist cold, it causes bigger deadlier problems!🚨

  3. Avatar

    Stupid scientists : The second wave has started

    Me : the first wave hasn't even finished 🤦‍♂️

  4. Avatar

    I'm still waiting on the first wave..

  5. Avatar

    🚨”When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” 🚨- Thomas Jefferson

  6. Avatar

    No more lockdowns. You government lies to you.

  7. Avatar

    Your children will pay for your indolence

  8. Avatar
    ChesterWolf The Griffin

    One day the kingdom will fall. However if not from a virus that only kills 0000000.1% the only people that died are the ones who went to the hospital.

  9. Avatar

    There is no second wave. We have a normal flu season now

  10. Avatar

    COVertID-19 (PSYOP) To inject synthetic platelets with bio metric sensors powered by 5G, bio electrical activity crates a picture of your cardiovascular system and brain activity regions. And your permanent ID-2020 complete with cryptocurrency and social credit score.

  11. Avatar

    Flu shots given there?

  12. Avatar

    Tracking the eyes and practicing using IRIS SCANNERS

  13. Avatar

    China and W. H. O. OWNING THE WORLD . pawns we are to them
    As tbey fill their pockets and bank accounts with glee.

  14. Avatar

    Don't lock these people down again. They won't survive.

  15. Avatar
    Sudden Destruction


  16. Avatar

    Normal flu killed 15k in Korea 2015. Covid-19 killed 443 on 2020.

  17. Avatar

    People lock yourselves in the house and don’t come out for a month more people are dying from the Tv disease smfh 🤪

  18. Avatar

    We must act according to the rules that our government give us. So, the business that we profit by can committ. The governments that all around the world would not want to close the businesses. I hope we can handle this pandemic all around the world.

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