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COVID-19 reportedly killing 1,000 per day in Europe

Coronavirus cases in France have gone up by nearly a third in just one day.
Governments across Europe are imposing strict new measures to try to reverse an alarming surge in infections.
Over the past week, the European Union and the United Kingdom together have recorded an average of 100,000 new cases a day. A fifth of them are in Britain.
Al Jazeera’s Charlie Angela reports from London.

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  1. Avatar

    They're lying to us.
    What the virus is more dangerous after 8 pm. It's a very intelligent virus seeing it can tell the time.
    Say no to lock downs.

  2. Avatar

    The virus by now has become more stronger but people are not as serious as they were before. It's always the second time that hits worse

  3. Avatar
    Make Racists Afraid Again

    Evil, Impeached Trump is killing 700 Americans every single day.

  4. Avatar

    O China….o China…..O China….without firing a bullet

  5. Avatar

    Hunger kills 25,000 every day according to the United Nations.

  6. Avatar

    we need mehico power the power of tacos and burritos in europe

  7. Avatar

    You can see a lot of people in the UK in this video not wearing masks or wearing it under their noses, that's the norm here.

  8. Avatar

    When you don't hear, you gonna feel.

  9. Avatar

    Did they mean " stay at home or go and die at home but not in the streets " ? 😞
    Sounds creepy ! 😵

  10. Avatar

    Poor testing/tracing systems and inconsistent health safety messaging; these 2 factors a result of political decisions that's led to most of Europe having little to no control over covid19 community transmission. Yes, a 2nd wave always inevitable but it didn't need to reach the numbers we're seeing now.

  11. Avatar

    Azerbaijan is guilty of the followng: THE FACTS 1920: COMMITTED SHUSHI MASSACRES






    Today: Executed two elderly men ISIS style

  12. Avatar

    That’s less than the “common flu” go figure 🤨

  13. Avatar

    Macron, Boris Johnson, Bolsonario, Netanyahu, Trump and the American Republican party, Putin, all need to be tried for crimes against humanity.

  14. Avatar

    Trump is immune… so we are safe.

  15. Avatar

    brexit is more dangerous to the economy than covid-19

  16. Avatar

    Thats what happens when people don’t follow the rules

  17. Avatar

    What a cheap propaganda for brainwashed sheeps… stop histeria about this fake pandemia,stupid masks and unlawful lockdowns…stop watching these fake brainwashing ,,news" and try to use ur brain a little bit

  18. Avatar
    Muhammad Bayramov

    Our Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine is effective but European globalists want Gates 🐷

  19. Avatar
    The Multiverse Buster

    Ladies and gentlemen, the things about COVID that is online, news, and books aren’t fully true. COVID has a multiversal origin, unlike any other virus. China was the location where the portal first released the virus. Portals open up in other locations too, on other human earths of other dimensions. COVID can be stopped, when it’s not underestimated. The upcoming spiritual group of souls known as the Epitomes of Salvations are on the way to intervention. When COVID ends, it won’t be a better world, it will be normal, since it will be completely removed from the timeline for good. The deaths mentioned in this video are not existent since no one died from COVID. This is as much information I can announce. Remember, wear masks, to play a role in society. That’s our face uniform 😂. Even though the virus can move through masks.


  20. Avatar

    This is inflated propaganda 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Avatar

    arrogant ignorant covidiots,
    so be it 🤘

  22. Avatar

    Not in Sweden.

  23. Avatar

    Life is more important that the economy, folks! That's why I'm demanding we introduce new restrictions to drain everyone's life savings and use that money to buy food and housing for the poor and homeless. If you disagree, then you are selfish reeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  24. Avatar

    "Projections of reliable, ee-pe-idemiological models are not so optimistic. These models indicate that relaxing policies could propel by January 2021 daily mortality at levels 4-5 times higher than what we recorded in April."

    Hmmm… that's fewer deaths than the 22 million you predicted in March… Bookmarked this one so I can mock the "experts" again later…

  25. Avatar

    Charlie Angela –> charlies angel

  26. Avatar

    How many die on average in EU? How many die due to shutdowns ? This infatuation with death is retarded. Find something else to report on.

  27. Avatar

    Dont forget People are also dying everyday
    From cancer, car accidents, suicides, the flu.

  28. Avatar

    there is no and there wasn't a pandemic stop killing your people…

  29. Avatar

    Death is more accepted than ergonomic slowdown

  30. Avatar

    And ISIS doesnt even have to lift a finger

  31. Avatar

    Fake news!! Don't be scared. Don't be dominated by the virus.

  32. Avatar

    release the vaccine.

  33. Avatar

    Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government.

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