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COVID-19 relief before election 'depends on the administration': Pelosi | ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is interviewed on “This Week.”

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    And so do you Whoever you are!

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    This lady is 80 but still hot chick

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    We want real news about Hunter Biden and his corrupt actions.

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    Nancy "Let them eat ice cream" Pelosi

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    Go Donald j Trump USA

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    Nancy if youre for the people please accept the 1.8…. Thank you for standing your stand so the republic can counter offer 1.8 but with this all or nothing attitude for 2.2 is dangerous. As an american we are scared we are sfressed and we afe worried. We are jobless we are homeless and we are starving please just accept the 1.8 and take care of us american people. I have two kids to feed and put a roof over our heads. Please just help us

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    So why dont they aprove the stand alone relif bill that trump said he will sign to give the airport money an the 1200 checks and ppp money

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    He will always be important for fighting your agenda. People are tired.

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    Pelosi does not care about the American people. Democrats need to all be arrested for Treason. Schools are opened no problem with the Virus. Pelosi was in China town with no mask February 24th. Telling everyone come on down to China town!!! President Trump closed the border for flight January 31. Democrats are the problem.

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    Pelosi just wants money to get California out of debt. California was already mismanaged and in debt. That is why the stimulus bill has not been passed.

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    Tired of hearing this lady talk. Always being a hypocrite n see things no one can see…lol. What a joke

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    Tell me something. What does, "communities of color". When she should've said. African Americans. As well as, Latinos and Hispanics. Have to do with, helping people. In their emotionally, financially and spiritually strapped, time of need. Nothing at all. All Nancy Pelosi is doing. Along with her turncoat, pompous, fake republican and democratic constituents are doing. Is laughing, In the faces. Of those same people. Who are voting for them. Even though they are systematically, and helplessly, being starved to death. With no immediate and/or permanent, rescue in sight.

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    She is drunk here too

    man who votes for her dumb people

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    How will this be paid for? Stimulus spending is done at the expense of future generations. The U.S. national debt is over $27 trillion, and climbing. We are stealing from the future.

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    Nancy is thers man in your life no

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    Pelosi and the Democrats must stop obstructing progress Pelosi taking the moral LOW ground – Democrats is becoming a disease way worse than COVID

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    Taptap Heroes Holy Moly

    School needs to open, but what is the plan?

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    Mario Santacruz Martinez


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    Though his own son had Covid, trump is not protecting American children from this plague.

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    Trump..We will never defund the police, we will strongly defend the police! https://youtu.be/XpWJDLXVB-U

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    Pelosi is right on all counts.

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    Anobel Khoushabeh

    The GOP is to blame. Their entire agenda is obstruction and corporate subsidy. They give middle America a bible, no education, and a gun, then ram them in the ass every day of the week. They hate the working class and we need to obliterate them as a party in November. TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE SENAT. ABOLISH FILIBUSTER. PACK THE COURT. BRING DC AND PUERTO RICO TO STATEHOOD.

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    No no no . You not getting nothing. The only thing you gonna get is that damn vaccine.

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    Ur bill is full bullshit pork again pelosi pork that has nothing to do w the suffering unemployed.
    The Pelosi credit default will be next

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    DC (ALL of them) are playing politics with our daily lives! So sick of this finger pointing. Both sides need to grow up!!!!

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    The only poison I see is NANCY PELOSI

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    Corrupt out of touch 80 yr old. Anyone care? Money in our hands . Shut up . Answer the question or shut up. Seems you're not a negotiator . You're incoherent . You look're playing games. Get us our money!! Is she nuts.!!?? Fonlt let her babble om?!

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    Is she related to the Adams Family, she certainly looks like one of them.

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    Mitch mcconnell is the one who is holding up the stimulus, so he can have an excuse to privatize Social Security. Go to hell MITCH

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    Paul Pelosi Sr. 2.4 million pandemic relief funds.
    Pelosi's wealth to research:
    Presidio, Hunters Point Shipyard
    Tides Foundation and Center,
    Ukraine oil
    Venture Capital 114 million
    Paul Pelosi Jr. net worth 50 million
    Freedom Leaf Founder and Chairman 250,000- 1,200,000
    While you're being evicted, searching for your family's next meal, looking for another job, begging the electric and water company not to turn your lights and water off, Pelosi is still receiving her congressional pay and enjoying her exemption from ACA Obamacrap insurance, has her own security team and lives behind her big beautiful wall where her mansion is protected. Pelosi has made a lot wealth from her position in congress and still is at the expense of health and well being of American tax payers!

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    It is sad that they are postponing the help that our country needs because of words writing in a document. While they get to an agreement people are sufferings. Until when américa is going to allow this, before seeing a civil war to end all government's corruptions?

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    Did not address the most imminent need.

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