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COVID-19: Raab says the government is still trying to avoid the "blunt tool of a national lockdown"

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has told Sky News a so-called circuit breaker lockdown to tackle COVID-19 would be ‘something of an enigma’.

“If you look at those who’ve advocated a national lockdown… they have never been able to say how you get out of it,” he said.

“Overwhelmingly our sense is you’re far better leaning into and being absolutely committed to localised measures.”

He argued it is easier to exit tiered restrictions, as data can be examined locally and there is a “granular” review process in place.

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    नंदन है, अभिनंदन है, मातृभूमि का वंदन हैं 

    जिसनें दुश्मनों के रण चीर दिए, ऐसे वीर सपूत का अभिनंदन है

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    These cockroaches have been compromised. This is not incompetence. This is a power grab. Be disobedient and disruptive. Say 'no' to tyranny. Say 'no' to their hurried vaccines. Call out the complicit mainstream media.

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    God, the media is so stupid. Anyone with a brain that looks at stats from previous week comparing to this week, there was no increase in cases, like it was in previous weeks. 
    The big increases were around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday like we saw 26k 2 weeks ago and this week and it should shoot up to 30k+ , but it has stabilised around 22k-24k.. Also the r rate is going down, I just love the fear mongering

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    Instead they are playing wacamole with a wet haddock.

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    A member of the circle of evil
    UK civil war is on the cards

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    Enlightened fight

    All this lockdown will come at a price, the debt collectors will come knocking

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    Yesterday we were told around 100000 are likely being infected everyday. If that is indeed likely then a full national lockdown is futile. Most significantly, that actually significantly reduces the infection to death ratio, which is already very low.

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    The February/March rerun …… dress up nicely ofcourse

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    Good , this stuff is scary – not sure what the heck is going on.
    Connecting the Dots: Why They’re Doing This:

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    How about the country opens up completely and people take personal responsibility with the Government offering a safety net. Those who are at risk could choose to limit their contact with others and the Government could offer any financial assistance needed.

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    id still be doing martial arts raab if i wasn't ill due to a cursed life and stripped of my pip of which im fighting for in court, because im disabled yet not entitled, in spite of worsening health and disability problems !

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    Just trust your governments

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    I would like to know where all these people are getting tested, the centres are empty, various times of the day in various areas, none…

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    It's only a fairytale folks.

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    More bullshit from another criminal

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    Upgrade our immune and we would did a lockdown

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    Global pandemic and global terrorism. All a part of the rockefeller foundation lockstep. They aren't even hiding their plans for us.

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    The correct term for the "lockdown" the masks, the handwashing & antisocial distancing is social engineering – for the new abnormal & the 4th industrial revolution I added

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    Nobody will accept a 'vaccine' (bio id) by way of these leering, mocking psych0paths.

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    Hes just repeating himself…

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    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    No Timeframe ?

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    I bet everyone here is looking forward to 20 years of austerity on steroids!!!!!

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    Someone needs to tell these muppets to stop saying "strain every sinew" FFS 🙄

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    Lying liberal press

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    He is a blunt tool

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    Raab, Hancock and Johnson have made a mess in handling Covid.

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    The nasty party are out of their depth. They should have asked the Chinese Communist party for advise. They know what they're doing.

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    We need to go into a national lockdown !!!!!!!!!! 🤬

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    Rabb. Blunt tool.

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    Utter Rubbish

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    Gotta love everyone slagging off the conservatives yet somehow people still vote for them each election despite everything they have done

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    The government is slowly putting the country into another lockdown…
    Because it knows that their is a lot of civil unrest heading our way.

    Lockdowns DON'T Work!!

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    Lockdown is a matter of time lockdown DO NOT WORK

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    Dominus Lucretius

    Don't get it, even US news is reporting that the UK has a 80% survival rate from Covid and only afects terminal and very ill elderly or young.

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