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COVID-19: Paris to shut all bars as city's alert is raised to maximum

The French capital will close all bars completely from Tuesday as the French government raises the city’s coronavirus alert to the maximum level.


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    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Socialist. We will do your thinking for you! With a 99% recovery rate…and extra special precautions for the elderly..who are the ones at highest risk. Will you perform better? Or worse? Positive doesn’t mean death. And mask wearing and hand washing and staying in the basement isn’t working to well either…..given influenza type A and B which also kills the young. This Virus May stick around for years…getting less and less. SARS….Bird Flu..the other. Mysterious flus from China..which are-not mysterious at all. Run there course. They should never have been released in the first place. And given the CCP’s complete lack of responsibility. Nothing to stop them from doing it again. Live in fear? Or be informed of real statistics. Your panic report. Sounds like he’s got the virus. Flu besides fever…causes congestion…congestion can lead to pneumonia and they die of pneumonia. Fluid in the lungs. It’s why there was such a push for ventilators. Again elderly…those on oxygen…smokers….are more susceptible to this pneumonia. Chicken soup and sprite…bed rest. Little internet..but your body is fighting a virus. We’ve all been sick before. Me myself had it bad in November…lots congestion…took weeks. Got over it! But it was nasty! This goes after the elderly…and health care workers cause of repeated exposure…run down with a fever…..and heavy congestion. Makes you very prone to pneumonia.

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    Good 01:19 . I wait for love from you 💝💝💖


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    Prior to the break thru at Sedan. The French Generals sat in there Headquarters…no link to the French goverment…dispatches being issued by motorbike every hour. For they knew who the enemy was. The French Government…had so many changes. A few days…a few weeks..they couldn’t….wouldn’t…pull together. And after? Just got worse. Vichy. Free French. After WWII? Back to old divisions…Britian realized it’s over seas territory’s we’re going independent…especially India. French…still tried…very hard to hold on. Algeria indochina. Syria. Lebanon. Interesting history. I love the French…hate there politics. Maybe yes…maybe no. A women’s country I suppose. Very French.

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