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COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on health inequities, Tam says

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on health inequities in Canada and wreaked havoc on Canadians suffering from mental illness and substance abuse problems, says Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam.
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  1. Avatar

    good one you put up a woman that replicates the night of Halloween I'd run…. shh

  2. Avatar

    More died last year of the flu!!

  3. Avatar

    Dr Tam = Halloween costume

  4. Avatar

    It’s safe to say dr tam failed us…. she should gracefully step down at let someone more qualified do the job!

  5. Avatar

    More useless bs from Teresa trans. Too bad we have a political flunky instead of a real doctor with some knowledge.

  6. Avatar

    Lol… and they keep the schools open.

  7. Avatar

    Theresa Tam has been removed from the WHO IHR covid19 Emergency Committee to the Secretariat as of Tuesday, October 27th 2020………this is a very significant piece of information…..end of transmission

  8. Avatar

    Typical leftwing ignorance !

  9. Avatar
    Fillmore Hillmore

    Hospital numbers matter not those infected.

  10. Avatar

    I rate her 2 out of 5 Yodas

  11. Avatar

    Oderint, dum metuant – Accius

  12. Avatar

    I'll never trust a word this woman has to say.

  13. Avatar

    Can this woman please resign she is a joke🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Avatar

    The media is deceiving the public and spreading misinformation! Turn off the news ! Spread the word!

  15. Avatar

    Netflix and Chill has drained me these past 6 months.

  16. Avatar
    The Fine Black Harm

    Beating a dead horse CBC. The pandemic is OVER, if there even ever was one.

  17. Avatar

    Didn’t she say the risk to Canadians is low during February 2020.

  18. Avatar

    Now if only the scientific evidence to allocate specific uses to their structural change by opening health facilities and slow down the movement between old folks homes and workers with tests between entering and leaving certain facilities like care homes.

    There is very strong tests that people with drug addictions even decriminalized seek more help then people worried about being outcasts due to their addictions.

    Also if the vaccine actually works and is safe for all!!! And can be proven not just shown in some people…. That anyone that gets the vaccine should not be worried if others have not because their are safe. Therefore vaccinations should never be forced or mandatory.

  19. Avatar

    The government is bending over backwards to make this virus a racial issue to. Next corona they will try and link this to climate change at this rate

  20. Avatar

    I am all for masks in public places and around at risk people. But NO LOCK DOWNS! SAY NO TO TYRANNY!! They are trying to shut everything down to gain total control over you! F-Off TAM!!!

  21. Avatar

    Wow!!! She sure is scary looking. Creepy too…And of course a Good Liar..

  22. Avatar

    Did Dr. Tam say anything useful? I feel she had problems with expressing proper sentence structure, and she kept saying unrelated or unhelpful information. I am so disappointed, feeling she's more like politician over a real scientist… cuz she never said anything useful and relevant

  23. Avatar

    You are a complete JOKE CBC and everyone knows it! Embarrassment to mankind. Exact reason why most of their comment sections are turned off. Silencing to hide from everyone speaking out!

  24. Avatar

    Man she reminds me of a creature

  25. Avatar

    At first, no masks, then wear masks, what now!?!?!?

  26. Avatar

    Inequities of what? Who pays more tax and who takes the money?

  27. Avatar

    Let us know the age of the deceases please??

  28. Avatar

    What about the regular flu? Where are those viruses? They took vacation? How many ppl are infected with the regular flu? So many thumbs down… Media are longer "Freedom of Speech", after what Facebook and Twitter has done lolzzz…

  29. Avatar

    -virus so deadly the cure is to stay home for 14 days & fire 11,000 healthcare workers 🤔
    -ZERO mention of vitamins, minerals & healthier eating

  30. Avatar

    Wow the comment section is open 😃 I guess you'll terminate any comment that goes against your mind set but it's a good start. D W are a extreme left news outlet that allows comments, let's see if you guys can copy their example 👍

  31. Avatar

    Tam has not mentioned 1 medical FACT …

  32. Avatar

    Can’t stand this woman, she is so compliant. No one believes her anymore.

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