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Covid-19 in England: How are people coping? – BBC Newsnight

As a new three-tier system is introduced in England to help control the spread of Covid-19, many parts of the country are still coming to terms with the economic after effects of tighter restrictions from earlier on in the summer. Please subscribe HERE

Newsnight has been following the stories of people in Bolton in Greater Manchester.

In July 2020, with cases of coronavirus rising, the town was placed under further lockdown restrictions.

Filmmaker Nick Blakemore has been to Bolton to find out how people are getting by.

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  1. Avatar
    Robbie Craughwell

    The unforgivable part of this shit show is mainstream media spinning doom porn!
    And the BBC'S right up there with the worst of offenders deliberately distorting the numbers and spreading Government propaganda BS.
    Your part will not be forgotten,
    Will never be forgiven.

  2. Avatar



    1st video, conspiracy theory, CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!!!!

    2nd video, Spanish DOCTOR more or less confirms just about everything the 1st video says.

    Sound familiar? Operations cancelled & hospitals emptied so people could stay home & die of whatever they had wrong but a useless PCR test will say they had covid that they carried for most of their lives anyway.

    People losing money, losing their jobs, losing their homes & losing their lives while the stupid might as well have a ring through their nose while the governments pull them wherever they wants to take them!!!!!! Was this aired on mainstream media in the UK??? How come we know about the cat with covid but not the Jackfruit, paw paw, rabbit & the goat??? Filtered news to keep people where they want them!!!! How many people will comment without actually watching either video because they don't want to leave the comfort bubble of thinking the government they've always hated is looking after them???

  3. Avatar

    How to kill thousands of people with total public (the stupid) consent. Cancel all operations, empty hospitals but get your pals to build new ones to show you care & scare people out of going to A&E!!! All without actually telling a single lie!!!!

    My biggest fear in all this is that it will be another millennium bug where only the UK & USA knew it existed or thought it was a problem while the rest of the world laughed at us or was just completely ignorant of it. The reason I say this is because I watched an Alan Jones segment on sky news Australia where he completely slaughtered their government for it's stupid lockdown policy. He also quoted everything from a recently resigned government economist that resigned because he believed the same as Alan. He then went on to say that there should be massive advertising campaigns to reverse the fear the government had imposed in people's little brains!!!! Anyone heard anything like that on our news??? How much have they reported on the huge protests across Europe??? This has now become a disease of the mind for millions, once it's in their brain they can't get it out & they see covid everywhere & everything is covid. Tell someone described above that the average age of the dead was 81 because they were testing the elderly sick & the sick to get a high death rate & it just doesn't compute!!!! Or that now they're testing the healthy there isn't a death rate because it isn't deadly, or that dying within 28 days of testing positive isn't actually informing them of anything. They would have tested positive for the bacteria that causes BO but it didn't kill them!!!! Try saying any of the above & you'll get the zombie stare or they'll actually fill in all the blanks deliberately left by the government in their wording. It's amazing really

  4. Avatar

    Listen to the state health secretary in this video. What she says is what was repeated across all the countries with their imaginary, high covid death rates!!!! https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ingraham-covid-truths-frauds-and-tyrants_zbjQs2c1NaM8MAR.html

  5. Avatar

    Matt the pratt & the other numbnut at the end of this video being interviewed by good ole Julia are the morons telling you how you should live!!! Could find their a**se with both hands, a compass & google maps!!!! https://brandnewtube.com/watch/paul-weston-pcr-false-positives_NpfDLVbLggs497F.html

  6. Avatar

    The msm love this why would you let them interview like this 🤢🤮

  7. Avatar
    Motorway to Roswell

    People are coping with Covid just fine. It's the Lying media (bbc) and the government that people have a problem with!!!

  8. Avatar

    lol and China's doing well while our people lose lives health and money. and WHO have the nerve to say don't point fingers. same organisation funded hugely by China.

  9. Avatar

    We'll all of that was a perfect example of why Bolton & the north of england has such high numbers of Covid-19!! 😷😷😷😷 Not one 😷 between them!! No sympathy.

  10. Avatar

    Lost all respect for the government & allot for the the people who supported these silly measures.

  11. Avatar

    Life is great , couldn't be better 😎😎😎 wish the country would go into lockdown soon 🙏😊

  12. Avatar

    My modelling suggests the pandemic's first wave is 51% done – forecasting yet another 1.016 million deaths worldwide – incl 71,000 American victims; 1,620 in the UK & 203 across Canada.

    Based on changing mortality rates of the novel coronavirus in recent weeks, today's update of TRENDLines Research's Covid-19 fatalities model projects the ultimate 2020 deaths in wave#1 will be 2.09 million worldwide (present toll 1,074,000 + 1,016,000 future) including 289,000 in the USA (218K toll + 71K future); 44,450 in the UK (42,830 toll + 1,620 future) & 9,840 in Canada (9,637 toll + 203 future).

    The model indicates wave#1 was essentially suppressed Aug 2nd in the UK & Aug 7th Canada-wide. But premature relaxation of shelter-in-place, physical distancing, masking, testing & contact tracing means early sacrifices in both jurisdictions were in vain as they all suffer some degree of re-opening related relapse.

    Ten months into this pandemic, efforts to contain Covid19 worldwide continue to falter. Today's worldwide daily-deaths rate of 5,900 is over double its post-peak low set in late May. Blame is especially cast on the USA which hosts 44% of today's global "active" cases. Its pathetic re-opening strategy has vaulted American daily-deaths to 1,000 – triple its rate back in early July.

    The model's chart, underlying stats & analyst commentary (by Freddy Hutter) are updated weekly at www.trendlines.ca

  13. Avatar

    Operation Lockstep :
    – From the Rockefeller playbook –

    1st Phase : Create and release a super contagious but low-mortality rate virus. Have the media cause mass hysteria about it by blowing death counts out of proportion by falsifying death certificates, by using pre-contaminated test-kits, double counting/testing and classifying most non related deaths as COVID-19. A lockdown (total of about 3 months slowly extended over time in multiple intervals) will condition the population to live under draconian measures/restrictions and repeatedly echo that a vaccine is needed. Actively suppress protests and isolate instigators with severe financial/judicial penalties. Keep up the quarantine as long as possible to destroy the region's economy, break down the supply chain to cause food shortages, civil unrest and more protests. Eventually end Phase 1 lockdown when public push-back is increasing. Clearly state on MSM that ending this lockdown might be too early but allow it anyways.

    2nd Phase : The lockdown, fear and social distancing will steadily compromise the populations immune system, amplified by wearing masks, longer wifi/5G exposure indoors, by diminished exposure to sunlight, fresh air, healthy bacteria and the absence of intimacy and healthy food supplies. When people re-emerge into society more people will fall ill, which will be blamed on COVID-19 and again be emphasised by MSM. Bring up the potential need for a second lockdown, backed-up by overhyped numbers of infection towards august 2020. This will all occur before the vaccination is ready, to justify it. Around October-November a longer (6+ months) and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine. This time penalties for civil disobedience are increased and fines are replaced with jail-time. Blame the protesters for the second wave. Set up more check-points with military assistance, introduce mandatory Track&Trace apps and take control over food-/gas supplies and services to which civilians now need permission to access. Keep extending the lockdown, degrading the supply chain and amplifying food shortages. Quell any public outrage using extreme action and force and single out opposition leaders as public enemy number one. Roll out large scale vaccination programs and make health certification mandatory and a prerequisite for entering the new normal. The minority that defies the agenda will be denied access to work or supplies and not be allowed to travel.

    3rd Phase : In case the majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released with a 30%+ higher mortality rate than COVID-19 and again be blamed on protesters. This will be the ultimate push for everyone to accept the vaccination, and the rules within the new system. A cryptocurrency system (International Patent: wo/2020/060606) will be implemented in combination with digital ID2020 monitoring body activity, human behaviour and willingness to submit using food/shelter/water as a weapon of enforcement in the new economic system. Basically: do what we want and get rewarded with credits and obtain privileges or go against the system and get penalised and lose access to necessary means to survive

    PS: This is just their plan; the outcome is 100% up to us…

  14. Avatar

    Quite the same restrictions have been announced in The Netherlands tonight. I'm starting to lose hope, as I see everything around me slowly but surely trickling down. I speak for the people who actually need to find new ways to actually survive and bring food to the table. It seems the effects of the pandemic have only just started to show its true colours.

  15. Avatar

    They’re not, they’re either terrified of the Scaremongering or they’re terrified of losing their livelihoods. It’s all an evil plan 🤬☠️

  16. Avatar

    so sad 😒

  17. Avatar

    Young people they just lazy that’s lie

  18. Avatar

    You at the BBC will be accountable for all the lies!

  19. Avatar

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  20. Avatar

    The BBC picking over the corpses of failed businesses and broken lives all to fill their vapid news programs. Really quite shameful.

  21. Avatar

    Why are self-employed people being totally forgotten by this government?! We have worked our backsides off to try and keep our heads above water during and post-lockdown. We're only just, slowly starting to build ourselves back up and now we're told, that the new UK financial 'rescue package' will pay all employees two thirds of their wages whilst anyone who is self-employed, will get 20%? 20 freaking percent?! What the hell?!

    I am a self-employed fitness trainer and I teach people with varying physical and mental health issues. I have already had to go to being completely solo because of gym closures. The fitness sector has worked so hard to ensure the highest level of infection prevention and track & trace standards are met and that's exactly what we've done!

    From a personal perspective, my classes are COVID secure and, unlike this government, my track & trace data for my class participants is 100% accurate and up-to-date, all class participants are required to adhere to 3 metres social distance not 2, my COVID Policy is followed for every class to the letter and it works.

    Since gyms reopened, there have been only 17 cases of people having a positive COVID test who included 'visiting a gym in the last few days' on their contact tracing info, so clearly people aren't catching it from going to the gym/fitness classes. So why do we get screwed over….yet again! It's disgusting!

    And the cruel irony is, it is us who are trying to help reduce the impact on the health service by keeping people at a lower risk of COVID complications. Obesity levels in the UK are increasing even more, due to this pandemic. Boris is quick to harp on about reducing obesity rates and improving fitness levels and mental health, but if you actually mean it Boris….Don't screw us over and leave us unable to financially support ourselves or the NHS. The health & fitness sector needs to be supported and self-employed workers make up a huge number of the health & fitness industry and we deserve to be given the same financial support as any other employee!

    Sorry for the rant, but its takes the absolute P!

    Stay Safe Everyone & FFS…Weather you believe it's all a conspiracy or not….Please, for all our sakes… Just wear the freaking mask!

  22. Avatar

    One for the bedwetters. Cloth masks increase your chance of viral infection. Tom jefferson.

  23. Avatar

    National LOCKDOWN NOW ❤️❤️❤️👍

  24. Avatar

    We're not. 15% of us are alcoholics now, I forget the drug addiction figures but I think it's worse. Teen suicides. Adult suicides. Old people dying from loneliness. And how about all the people who have lost their business and are now in debt? How many will make it through to the other side, if there is one? I feel like I'm taking on a whole new layer of depression just seeing how bad things are for everyone else.

    That's how we're doing

  25. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    Let's look on the positive side the iPhone 12 was announced today

  26. Avatar

    Unfortunately, it feels like another national lockdown is coming.
    The way the gov’t keep saying winter is coming, like we’re in the bloody GoT series is getting on my tits.
    The bickering with the local authorities and the other cabinet ministers is going to make the PM just do something drastic…

  27. Avatar

    The bloody cheek of it.

  28. Avatar

    We need to live with all these viruses as we have done for thousands of years. We're all going to die. No one lives forever. Lockdowns kill more people than they protect. The most vulnerable should be protected but the rest of us have to get on with our lives. This has gone on too long!

  29. Avatar

    1:22 Try going to Bangor [North Wales] you enter but not leave if a local Resident, Welsh Labour under SUR Starmer fellow take the Kneeler Raynor {Ashton under Lyne} haven't a clue

  30. Avatar

    This is the BBC at their best ^ £157.50 fee

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    Has the bbc pointed out that any figures released now should be treated as hostile as the figures are now deliberately being falsified by including the flu?

  33. Avatar

    its a global worldwide shutdown. we're suffering here in california as well….my online business dropped to only 25% sales….people just don't have the income to buy to purchase to consume….trickle down effect.

  34. Avatar

    What do you expect to happen when so many people are not adhering to the guidances?

  35. Avatar

    People have coped really well so far got paid too sit at home and then got half price food at restaurant. Go back a few hundred years would people of got any of this?

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