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COVID-19 forces cuts to school meal programs across Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many school meal programs across Canada to shut down, resulting in more than two million kids going to school on an empty stomach, according to the Breakfast Club of Canada.

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  1. Avatar

    Lol, the federal government promised a pile of money for stuff like this.

  2. Avatar

    This is the problem with reliance on government.

  3. Avatar

    Eat at home freeloaders

  4. Avatar

    Why wait for monthly salaries when you can make more than $30,000 in less than a month….

  5. Avatar

    If children's family dont have the money to provide lunches for their children you should probably k1ll the government in charge of your economy and keep doing that until you get some that can do their job properly. There is no excuse for poverty within developed nations and the fact that it exists at all should bring out the guillotines.

  6. Avatar

    Meanwhile dog ford looks like he has yet to miss any meals

  7. Avatar

    Surely, this is not surprising? What does one expect to happen when the country has forced shut down for many months? Most small businesses have not made it this far. Over 30% unemployment rate this year. That BTW, is higher than the great depression. And they intend to shut it all down even harder and longer, just after Thanksgiving. Like skilled abusers, they will blame us for our punishment.
    Farms didn't get enough planted and what they did plant, many were forced to destroy before ever getting to stores. The Food shortages looming worldwide are incomprehensible to the average sleeper.

    Stock up with enough food to get you til next summer and buy your seeds. This winter will be miserable for those unprepared

  8. Avatar

    It's an atrocity that children are not receiving daily nutrition, shame on every gov executive, fail

  9. Avatar

    CBC earns 1.7 billion dollars yearly feeding us BS from Corps and Gov't. Maybe CBC and others can Split the bill and pay for some positive News in Canada for a change……..

  10. Avatar

    Its not the schools fault if they cant find a way. .see parents are allowing governments to basically take over a child.

  11. Avatar

    Lots of money for the oil, dairy, and airline industry, but not food for starving poor kids. Nice.

  12. Avatar

    yet I can't get a job because the govt closes down businesses…except Walmart

  13. Avatar
    sportscaracing canada

    Billions for a jet that's plagued with problems

    Billions for an unwinnable war

    Billions on CERB where half the applicants weren't even working before Covid and will never work again

    But a three dollar lunch…no sir that's too much!

  14. Avatar

    This is entirely unacceptable.

  15. Avatar

    Why should this be?
    Simple: The Government. There is nothing they can't mishandle or mismanage.

  16. Avatar

    Maybe They're Just Following Michelle Obama's School Lunch Program?

  17. Avatar

    Imagine not being able to make peanut butter and toast at home

  18. Avatar

    Then don't send kids to school during a pandemic you brainless dollar slaves. Schools are a place for kids to learn and grow.. not for parents to opt out of actually being parents.

  19. Avatar

    Ironic they pretend to care about saving lives, yet starve kids. Good job Canada.

  20. Avatar
    Consciousness Transformation

    You mean there are negative effects of the lockdown and other fear based policies? Who would've thought.

  21. Avatar

    Try installing lids on toilets in all public places and ideally private dwellings should close the lid. So much matter & things are spread through the air when a toilet is flushed.

  22. Avatar

    Send the bill to the monster in Beijing.

  23. Avatar

    I don't know everyone's personal scenario , but the best advice my dad gave to me. Was get out of debt if you want to provide.

  24. Avatar

    We need a national school food program. It is shameful that we in Canada do not value our children enough to have already implemented it.

  25. Avatar

    I was that starving kid in school and this is cray

  26. Avatar

    Canadian School kids will get horrible meals if their was a National School meal program.

  27. Avatar

    how are you suppose to get your kids to school if your at work

  28. Avatar

    If schools are closed then no tax payer funded meals since the people entrusted with tax money decided to close down the schools.

  29. Avatar

    We need to start making cuts to politicians, because all they do is make poor decisions, put us in debt and are not leaders, because they are products of external pressure

  30. Avatar

    All my homies go to school on a empty stomach. It’s called intermittent fasting😂

  31. Avatar

    Why am I always get thing about Canada. I love Canada but i live no where near Canada…

  32. Avatar

    All of this to save four old people a day

  33. Avatar

    We need to shut down gyms and stop feeding you to keep you healthy!

  34. Avatar

    The government will issue CERB cheques to jobless and drug addicts but won't provide kids with meals. Man stupidity never ends.

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