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COVID-19 cases rising

Researchers are predicting a significant increase in cases over the next four weeks as the nation averages 50,000 new infections per day. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi reports. READ MORE:

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    Katherine Dessert

    the outer worlds

  2. Avatar

    Covid cases rising?? Under this administration?? 😧😧

  3. Avatar

    The Flue is rising…This all a big BS..

  4. Avatar

    And they still want our kids to rush into school

  5. Avatar

    This orange demon is responsible for these sheep and their inbred ways

  6. Avatar

    Donald is trying to open schools when covid cases are rising 🤠

  7. Avatar

    For those idiots that still believe in COV-19 go to an emergency room, and you will notice that they are EMPTY!!!

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    How is Barron not done with his parents yet like being used as a reason to go back to school like that is humiliating especially the fact that he got it and they are so open about it.

  9. Avatar

    why is baron cute bro? am i the only one who thinks that? i dont like trump at all neither do i like his wife, etc, but his SON? accepted if he was never a trump

  10. Avatar

    CDC says 99.95% survival rate for people under 50. Cancer survival rate is 80% and you can still die after 5 years. Enough with the Fake News already. Get over your TDS. We're not buying your snake oil anymore.

  11. Avatar

    Monday: cases are rising
    Tuesday: cases are lowering
    Wednesday: cases expected to rise
    Thursday: cases fall in some states
    Friday: cases rose again

    Seriously we’ve been hearing the same thing for the last 7 months. This is getting old. I would rather put needles in my eyes than watch another video about the virus.

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    paternity court

  14. Avatar


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    Outcastkiller99 Gamer

    Trump going to kill the USA with his words

  16. Avatar

    Natural selection

  17. Avatar

    Look at that kids face!! No doubt who his dad is.

  18. Avatar

    He never had it its bull crap

  19. Avatar

    Terrifying, it only has a 99.5% survivability rate.

  20. Avatar

    After this election it will end because after the Democrats lose the virus is no longer of use to them.

  21. Avatar

    Same headline, different day.

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    Good lord… So what? Covid is only a real danger to the people over 75 and those that already have serious health problems. Almost everyone will catch covid at one point or another, so we need to build up immunities to covid ASAP because we now know that herd immunity works. Plus we also know that according to the CDC as of two days ago, some 75% people that get covid wore a mask "all the time" or "often", meaning masks are NOT the answer to solving this pandemic. Keep in mind that there is NO cure for covid just like there is no cure for the flu or the common cold. Vaccines help but are not reliable. THE GOOD NEWS IS… because doctors have figured out how to treat covid patients 98.6% of them survive and many show very little symptoms at all.

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    I have my plastic bubble ready!

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    Vote Trump to save our economic and safety future. Please do the right choice and don't give your vote to the new world order.

  25. Avatar

    Fake news can't say good thing about the best president we ever had.

  26. Avatar

    Abc news working with the new world order. Vote Trump to save our freedom.

  27. Avatar

    Rising and the virus is weakening

  28. Avatar

    Millions of liberal are deserting cities and infecting everywhere they go

  29. Avatar

    Breaking News ! Obama’s wife “Big Mike” Michelle has been Medically Diagnosed with an Enlarged Prostate.
    Our Prayers go out to Him/Her as He/She undergoes Medical Treatment.
    “Keep it Hanging” Big Mike

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    And that’s what happens when you open to phase 3 opening schools got my friend corona nice job guys

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    May The Lord Jesus Christ Bless Mr President Trump And All His Family Members,And All US Citizens.
    Albert Prakash Kumar, Door no:67-2-9/1,Datta Sai Residency, Flat No:GB,
    Sai Baba Temple Street, Near Karanam gari centre, KAKINADA-533003,East Godavari Dist.Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

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    I don't really care what party you are leaning towards because I have been reoublican all my life and have friends that are democrat therefore we don't talk politics. The main thing is we are believers in The Lord. In my eyes and their eyes also, this go around it doesn't matter who wins the election , crap is going to hit the fan. If one wins crap will hit the fan inside the border, if the other wins crap will hit the fan on the world stage. In short, all great empires have fallen at or around 200 years and I could be wrong. Once again this is in my eyes, but I believe America/Babylon is about to crash and burn. It states all that is happening in Revolution of the Bible/Cannon. Be safe and watch your six

  33. Avatar

    Barron is a stud, and if your schools are closed right now, your not living in America as intended.

  34. Avatar
    Christian Nicholas

    Be afraid!!!! Be very afraid!!!!

    Gimme a break you fear mongering media trash.

    Covid, confirmed 99.95% survival rate.

    You disgusting trash media. You are demonic.

  35. Avatar

    More cases= antibodies and healthy immune systems

  36. Avatar

    Totally inmunized Donald <:3

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    Débora de Oliveira

    Covid , crime against humanity?

  38. Avatar

    Okay. So now the midwest and South West, USA are experiencing what we in NY, NJ and other hard hit States went through with Covid19. So many comments from these States from unbelievers of Covid19 – because it didn't get there, yet. YAWN
    How do you like us, now?

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    I’m an essential worker in the building management field. My staff and I have been fighting this virus for the last 6 months following established guidelines in cleaning, PPE and social distancing. Yet we still have jerks entering our work space without masks. People please take responsibility for your actions and don’t cry when your infected because of those same actions.

  40. Avatar

    Proof those masks never worked. Look at Sweden.

  41. Avatar

    Don't wear the mask, it's an initiation ritual

  42. Avatar

    liberty hangout

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    "Suspicious police defending 5G tower installation!"

  44. Avatar

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and it's wet when it rains!

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