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COVID-19 cases resurge as colder weather moves in | WNT

The CDC is predicting up to 20,000 more COVID-19 deaths by Election Day. In New York, authorities cracked down on hot spots through closures and by threatening fines.




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    If elected, Trump's fake HERD IMMUNITY plan will kill three million + Republicans: plain and simple.

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    Soon all the fear you’ve been stoking will turn into anger. Anger pointed at all the news media that have been fear mongering.

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    As election day draws near the liberals try desperately to cause fear and panic in hopes of closing poling places so people are forced to vote by mail.

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    i see the dumb trumpers are up and talking

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    media is back on the "surge" thing, lmao.

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    Nope sorry. You gonna start building concentration camps like Canada or what? And i say you meaning you ABC who is compliant with the conspiracy. Yep check out Canada and their order for nerve agent, tear gas and barracks to hold "infected and non infected" people!!!! I'm heated.

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    Force vaccinations is all i hear. "Blah blah Vaccinations blah blah death"

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    Just like the president of the United States promise, blessings are on its way. So much winning.

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    99 percent survival rate

    99 percent survival rate

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    This was warned about in the spring. It's going to get worse. Even more so with the idiot gop governors.

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    This is not surprising. Since there is no plan, a myriad of plans are being acted on by both the WH and state governors including: "giving up", "pin all hopes on a vaccine", "herd immunity", "protect the vulnerable & back to normal for everyone else" (more herd massacre), and on and on.

    The virus is stopped by spreading a small # of best practices as far as possible and updating best practice when new info is available. It is the responsibility of every leader and task force to spread those practices and that is not happening. Likely at least 75% of the current death toll and 95%' of future deaths were completely preventable if this strategy, that was almost perfectly executed in S. Korea was followed. S. Korea showed that the economy does not need to be shutdown if the other best practices are spread far enough.

    Example matters. If leaders don't wear masks then people who follow them won't wear them. If you don't update practices with new info then there is stagnation and new best practices are never investigated or followed. DT recovered with early aggressive treatment. However, the current guidelines for C19 is "supportive care" unless a Pt. gets very sick. Early treatment options have not been studied or debated. This is not done in other diseases where early treatment is vital to preventing bad outcomes.

    So right now, because there is no plan the WH has basically given up and is pinning hopes on a vaccine when many times vaccines are not 100% effective. Some Dem governors substituted personal opinions for best practice forcing nursing homes to take sick people without resources killing many. Rep leaders have politicized best practices like masks in the hope of obtaining political advantage when in fact they may be run out of office for failing to contain the pandemic. So the pandemic is a mess and getting worse when it could be stopped very quickly with good leadership that understands what to do.

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    Crimson Contagion, that's all i've got to say

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    No one believes you anymore you L.S.O.S.

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    People who are overweight are also at risk of breaking law chairs , getting stuck in small doorways and ripping their pants.

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    Internacional Boxing

    Remember when Birx never wore a Mask? She looks better since divorcing Trump 😂🤣

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    We all know the media is lying. They don't want you voting in person. The media outlets are owned by democrats btw. Look it up.

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    They know people don't believe them anymore. Let's see how this plays out. Only the scared and cowardly will go along with the government this time

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    The way people are acting with regards to Covid-19, we won’t get out of this for decades.

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    2020 events have revealed how biased and anti-America mainstream media ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN are. Their attacks on us Americans with disinformation are relentless and intended to hurt. Mainstream media works with higher education, entertainment/Hollywood, and Democrats on their anti-American actions. We see this and we will overcome.

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    After about eight months of waiting, one of these days the surge will finally reach the point where I actually know someone who has even gone to the hospital due to Covid. I know a few who have had the Covid sniffles, but that’s about it.

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    2nd wave,that's the plan – to kill some more of y'all off before 2021

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    A virus that has 0.06 chance to actually kill someone. Heart disease and cancer kill more people than covid19. I have a higher chance of dying by my head exploding from headaches after a year of this nonsense. More important stuff to talk about than this.

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    Here’s the data, this is from the CDC itself, if you are infected with the Coronavirus and you are between the ages of zero and 19, your safety recovery rate, do you know what it is? 99.997%. Everybody between the ages of zero and 19, if you have kids like I do who were young, they are all under drastically more danger from the seasonal flu than they are from the Coronavirus. If you are between the ages of 20 and 49 your Coronavirus recovery rate is 99.98%. If you are between the ages of 50 and 69 your Coronavirus recovery rate is 99.5%.
    “Think about that for a minute. Everybody under the age of 69 and below, which is the vast vast majority of the population in the United States, has a 99.5% or better recovery rate, if they actually get the coronavirus. And even if you are over 70 and you get it, you still have a 94.6% recovery rate.

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