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Covid-19 Cases On The Rise In At Least 38 States | NBC Nightly News

One Utah hospital ran out of ICU beds on Friday, and the crisis is impacting patients who don’t have the virus. Recently, when a Utah woman’s heart suddenly stopped, it took more than two hours to find her a specialized bed.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Covid-19 Cases On The Rise In At Least 38 States | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Stay inside. Forever. It’s the only way people! I repeat. Live in fear and stay inside!!

  2. Avatar

    The big return waves of infections are mostly in red and purple states. Hmm.

  3. Avatar

    Where is the government weighing in on all this…no where. We are on our own.

  4. Avatar

    the witcher netflix

  5. Avatar

    Corona virus is a scam

  6. Avatar

    Yeah yeah more fear mongering from these lying demons. May the lord destroy you demons soon along with your covid19 hoax says the holy Bible. I believe in the most high God creator of all, the God of the real isrealites and not wicked men.

  7. Avatar

    It’s simple , if the person don’t care bout catching COVID then let them die

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    This president is literally a walking talking super spreader!!! Literally!!! This is going to get worse, and this president is still denying it!! WTF people!!!

  10. Avatar

    Why have the death rates remained the same? What's the definition of pandemic? Does anyone else question these things? Do people even know how to research or do they just get spoon fed? Is that really chocolate pudding in your bowl? Hint: sniff it before you share it with friends.

  11. Avatar
    DovaCat The_Dragonborn

    ER: The cases are rising and rising!! MORE PEOPLE ARE GONNA DIE!

    Idiots: Let's open the schools back up!

  12. Avatar



    In my personal opinion, Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist. He will rise to power again via the United Nations after a devestating attack on the USA by China. The presidency will be no more. We will be under international law of the UN.

    Many Christians have had dreams of Obama as the antichrist. (Myself included)

    Prepare yourself. The LORD Jesus Christ is coming VERY soon! His return will take the entire world by surprise!

    A Pastor named Dana Coverstone has been warning people FOR MONTHS about war with China! God spoke to him in dreams in 2019 that accurately predicted everything thus far in 2020. An angel showed him November 2020. He saw Washington DC on fire. Chinese Soldiers mercilessly killing people. Russian warplanes bombing the country. (You can find his video on Youtube 'Three Dreams Prophecies')

    RIGHT NOW Chinese Soldiers are stationed in Canada, ready to invade!


    You can learn more about Jesus Christ at Biblegateway dot com starting at Matthew Chapter 1.


  13. Avatar

    sorry but covid should not get priority treatment in hospital. How's that fair for other who have life threatening noncovid related issues.

  14. Avatar

    "The risk of football's worth" dumbest statement ever.

  15. Avatar

    I told my people slow down the testing? Did he Really say that out loud? And are there really people whom still support this debacle

  16. Avatar

    Who give a rat about the number of infections.

  17. Avatar

    Keep thinking it's a game yah going to get somebody hurt off your side! I BET THAT!

  18. Avatar

    Please sign

  19. Avatar

    A bunch of lies….none of this is accurate.

  20. Avatar

    I'd like to know what Herman Cain thinks about how t'rump is handling this corona. 🤔

  21. Avatar


    Coronavirus is a global scam so the rich and powerful can implement a one-world Government.

    The United Nations is about to overthrow the USA and install Barack Obama as their leader. I strongly believe he is the antichrist.

    Please listen to Sabbath Seekers video 'Second Wave Confirmations' RIGHT NOW Chinese Soldiers are stationed in Canada, ready to invade the USA!

    A Pastor named Dana Coverstone has had several dreams since 2019 that accurately predicted the events of 2020 thus far. He was shown November 2020. He saw Washington DC on fire. Chinese Soldiers mercilessly killing people. Russian warplanes bombing the country.

    The USA will soon cease to exist and we will be under international law of the UN.

    Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior IMMEDIATELY. He is coming soon and will give ETERNAL LIFE to all who accept Him as their Lord and God.

    You can learn more about Jesus at Biblegateway dot com starting at Matthew, Chapter 1.

  22. Avatar

    Coronavirus live update https://youtu.be/CEna8kXYAwA

  23. Avatar

    There is no covid surge because cv9 is a fraud.

  24. Avatar

    Fake NEWS👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  25. Avatar

    AMERICA….. when will you learn? You can' the LAND of the ENTITLED. GOTTA use common sense.

  26. Avatar

    What the Frack did you expect? Closing everything down but one place. Asshats.

  27. Avatar

    Live with it.. Till vaccine

  28. Avatar

    People need to stop acting stupid think they will not get virus end up get it. Just stay away from people and I don't care if they are healthy, just be safe and try survive as possible. All the people rally and protests and riots… They are already dead to me. I will not risk my healthy for something stupid like this. No thanks. Stay safe everyone.

  29. Avatar

    I miss those good ol days when covid didn't make an impact to our lives just yet…😔

  30. Avatar

    I, not 6 hours ago, saw some c*nt in a rainbow mask, pull her mask off to sneeze in the checkout lane at the local Smith's …. and you humans wonder why i hate all sapience….

  31. Avatar

    and a week later its gonna be "covid19 rises again with 9 billion deaths predicted!" also subscribe to our channel and watch ads to support our multi million dollar company!

  32. Avatar
    Allmighty Jenkins

    So dramatic

  33. Avatar

    You have yet to tell us why some get this and some don't. The precautions aren't effective.

  34. Avatar

    It literally takes no effort to wear masks but the biggest enemy in this whole pandemic is the countries own people

  35. Avatar

    COVID-19 cases soar in all but 8 U.S. states = MASKS DON'T WORK

    Doctors have been saying it since the beginning. Covid particles are so tiny they go right through bandanas, paper & cloth masks. The MSM tells you the opposite. Which one are you going to listen to?

  36. Avatar

    Who cares I want to know about Joe Biden's son emails

  37. Avatar

    Trumpism is also a Plague !

  38. Avatar

    They wonder how it’s been spreading then they flash to scenerios where it spreads and we’re like 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

  39. Avatar

    This suggests that masks aren't entirely as effective as they've suggested.

  40. Avatar
    Zachary Icenhower

    At this current rate there will be about 200,000 less people dying total in the US than last year. I am over giving a crap about this virus. Way more damage is being done outside of the virus than the virus is actually doing.

  41. Avatar

    DeathSantis of FL should be in jail

  42. Avatar

    This is all based off of corrupt/bad science. The PCR tests cannot identify "covid-19".

  43. Avatar

    Yall people think this is bad now, just wait until black friday 😂😂

  44. Avatar

    US LEADERSHIP should down ego and ask help.from China… expertise and necessary quipments.

  45. Avatar

    The hospital is only set up for Covid patients? They can't treat other conditions?

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